. back from Shanghai .

Just returned from my company retreat to China – A jam-packed 4 days trip to Hangzhou, Zhou Zhuang before ending it at Shanghai, the city of stunning contrast! Been swamped with work (renovation of store and planning of the Wellness schedule for my company) since I got back from Shanghai so I reckon that it will take me awhile to blog about Shanghai.


2 responses to “. back from Shanghai .

  1. i’ll be looking forward to your post about this! i was hoping to make a stop in both Beijing and Shanghai this summer so I’d like to see what you thought about it 🙂

    • Hi!

      Oh, i actually visited beijing last yr! if you’re interested, you might like to check out my posts from April 2010! i did 4 or 5 blog entries, i believe. visited the usual spots – forbidden palace, temple of heaven, “bird nest” stadium and great wall of china ( you must walk to the top, trust me… it’s worth it!). Honestly, i prefer beijing to shanghai anyday… I’m more of a historical/sight-seeing person but i have friends who prefer the cosmopolitan city so it really depends on which you prefer:)

      are u still in thailand? visited phi phi island a couple yrs back and it’s still the most pristine island i have ever been! breath-taking!

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