. NTU ADM 2011 .

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU), School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) presents 143 emerging creatives from six distinct majors: Digital Animation, Digital Filmmaking, Photography and Digital Imaging, Interactive Media, Product Design and Visual Communication. Revel in the diversity of the visual arts and join the Class of 2011 as they celebrate the conclusion of a four-year honours programme.

Creativity is free even within constraints—it takes pleasure in true function, and flight with elegant form. Our work takes notice of the world instead of expecting the opposite. Come see that world through our eyes.

Old School, 11B Mount Sophia
13 – 23 May 2011
10.30am – 9pm

It was a first for me to visit a graduation art showcase and I have to say that the experience to view and appreciate the artworks and interactive displays created by the Class of 2011 had been nothing short of amazing. In general, the stunning showcase oozes lots of character and reflects what promises to be a diversity of promising talents. One cannot help but be in awe of how simple ideas can be conceptualized to produce such a variety of impressive exhibits. The usually empty hall at 11B Mount Sophia had been magically transformed into a dreamland of creative ideas and projects. Whilst some students chose the safer route to concentrate on corporate branding and packaging, the others opted to express their opinions on social topics – such as “Acceptance in Society”, “Transgender”, “In the Raw” and “Sexuality through Media” – through the medium of visual, digital and interactive art forms.

Whilst it’s definitely difficult to choose favourites when there are over a hundred works on display, I would say that those that really caught my attention are “Do Something” by Bernadette Chong (I love her motto about taking the initiative to live life to the fullest and not take it for granted), “Marriage portrayed as a White Elephant“, “Acceptance in Society” (about a girl who decided to modify her appearance just so that she can conform to societal norms and expectations), “F(.)(.)D” by Wei Ling and “Earthtone“.

My only complaint? A change of venue to somewhere cooler as it was an uphill task to fully appreciate the showcase while battling with the sweltering heat.

Using sexuality behind image construction – Brassiere to replace food

A fund-raising project for Mdm Wong’s Shelter for abandoned dogs and cats

Corporate Identity and Branding

2 responses to “. NTU ADM 2011 .

  1. can you believe that I live about 15 mins away from the ADM building and I still managed to miss this exhibition?? I saw the posters around campus weeks before but totally forgot that it ended yesterday…oh well, I’m glad you got to go and I can experience it vicariously through you haha

    • Hi!

      I just read from your blog that you will be leaving Singapore in a wk’s time or so. When will you be leaving? Isn’t it a bittersweet feeling? I was in Buffalo for 4mths and when it was finally time for me to bid farewell, I found it very hard to do so. In fact, i was “suffering” from post-exchange semester withdrawal symptoms for the following month. 😦 Nonetheless, it’s great to hear that you will be exploring the other parts of Asia!

      you should check out this link, it has many pictures taken at the ADM 2011 -> http://voyage.lamodeoutre.com/13052011-at-adm-opening-night/

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