. what did you do over the public holiday? .

Let’s see. Took some time off to spend ME TIME exploring and photographing 5 old playgrounds in the earlier half of the day. Came back home to blog about our trip to Bukit Timah Railway Station, catch up on my blog reads, spend time with my family and 2 dogs before ending it with a good book in bed. Just the way I like. 🙂 How I wish for more free days like today.

* All pics taken with Starburst Jelly Lens attached to Nico Digi. 1st Experiment.


4 responses to “. what did you do over the public holiday? .

  1. Nice! I can identify some of playgrounds there and I still have some of them on my list of playgrounds to visit, photograph and play at the playgrounds too!

    Keep up the shooting & sharing! It’s great!


    • Oh, your blog is definitely an inspiration for my decision to visit some of the old playgrounds in Singapore. So far, I have only explored 5 playgrounds in AMK/TPY/Bishan as I live around this area. Guess what? It took me 5 hours to complete 5 playgrounds because i just realized how horrible I am at reading maps, even with the help of a GPS! nonetheless, it was quite an unforgettable experience to find these playgrounds …. the journey and not just the destination. 🙂 Your views on this?

  2. Dreamy Effects…

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