. green on the go .

Marimo: A large spherical colony of a green alga that is usually only found in the lakes of Japan, Iceland and Estonia. However, due to a hike in popularity, this moss ball is now manufactured in factories and easily available around the globe. It is also affectionately known as pet marimo.”

Serene (you may read her post here) and I just got ourselves a little pet marimo … for the fun and novelty! Mine is stored in a tiny bottle that also acts as a keychain. Green on the Go. For those who might be interested in getting a marimo moss ball, you might like to visit Give A Plant – A local business founded by youths who clearly have great passion in gardening and plants. They also offer DIY Terrarium workshop at a very reasonable price so get ready to go green!


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  1. Hi,

    Our official page is http://www.giveaplant.com , you may also visit our face book fan page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Give-a-plant/108770674384


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