. the modern age, the pigeonhole .


5th to 15th MAY 201
The PigeonHole

“PandaPanda draws her inspiration for The Modern Age, a collection of fashion illustrations, from her love for fashion and clothes. “I love looking at websites on street style, pictures off runway shows and fashion editorials,” she says. PandaPanda enjoys it when street style and runway photographs convey a clear story or mood. She also sometimes includes, in her illustrations, clothes that she cannot afford. “In an attempt to ‘own’ them, I draw them.”   PandaPanda thinks of The Modern Age as an alternative way of interpreting a photograph of the same outfit. “I try not to be too strict with my depiction of them and inject a little of my own take and personality into the fashion photography I see. It’s like a fun, light-hearted fashion diary for myself.”

The Pigeonhole was founded by couple – Ave, a former litigation lawyer and Rayner, who was previously a film editor – earlier this year when they wanted to break out of the safe and well-trodden path to take a plunge into something that will fuel their interests in life. CHANGE – The motivation behind their decisions to leave behind their stable and well-paying jobs in search of greener pastures. So, The Pigeonhole – a space to support the arts, civil society and causes close to their hearts – was conceptualized. At this cozy book cafe, you will find yourself lost in a world of collections of rare and interesting book titles, fragrant coffees and furniture of all sorts and sizes.

The Modern Age art-cum-fashion exhibition is just 1 of the many art events supported by The Pigeonhole. By the way, in case if you were wondering, the artworks by PandaPanda are for sale so do drop by to see if any catches your eye. Have visited The Pigeonhole twice in a week, and my friends have nothing but praises for this place. So, hopefully, my little blog post will also inspire some of you out there to head over to Duxton Road to check out this little gem! 🙂 P/S: Feel free to chat up with either Rayne or Ave or their staff about the concept behind this cafe or their coffees. We (the Starbucks frappuccino generation) were lucky to be educated by Ave on the different types of coffees that they serve in the cafe.

The Dream: A hope that The Pigeonhole can contribute, in whatever way possible, to the progress and development of the arts and of civil society in Singapore.

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