. Queenstown HDB Terrace .

It has always been a dream of mine to get a landed HDB Terrace since landed property is extremely expensive in Singapore. For those of you who might not know, these rare 2-storey HDB terraces (equivalent to a 3-room flat) were built in the late 1960’s and they can only be found in Stirling (Queenstown) and Jalan Bahagia. Wouldn’t it be great to wake up to a little garden filled with foliage, flowers and vines? Well, we all love that … don’t we?

Anyway, we managed to check out the cluster of landed HDB terraces at Stirling Road during our recent trip to the Old Queenstown Complex. These houses are few and far between although rumors have it that they might be selected for the government’s en-bloc program as Queenstown is a very prime area eyed for more expensive housing (e.g condominiums).


3 responses to “. Queenstown HDB Terrace .

  1. The price may be cheaper, but I think the lease is for a much shorter time than the usual 99 years (or freehold) , so in terms of $/year, it may not be that cheap…

    • yea, i actually went to google for the prices and boy, it’s expensive! Around $600-700k or more for a unit. 😦 comparing it to a BTO (my friend got hers at $275K), it’s really too expensive for us.

  2. Property guru site have one such house, valued @$700k, selling $1,000,0000/.
    State 99 year lease. Misleading. Didnt mention how many years remaining.
    Since it is hdb terrace house and selling @ a top up of $300k, 30%.
    Wow,must be meant for FT, you can call it talent or thrash

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