. BonGout Cafe .

For those of you who have been following my blog, it doesn’t come as a surprise to know that I’ve always been intrigued by cafes that have unique concepts, especially cafes located within a shop. Does Tea Cozy at Plaza Singapura, Hairloom & Caramel at Shaw Towers or Little Part 1 Cafe ring a bell? Anyway, I was walking along the beautiful stretch of pathway at Robertson Quay, enjoying the gorgeous views of the river and city lights, when I was greeted by the inviting sight of this hole-in-the-wall store that looks like a bookstore from afar. Out of curiosity, Kristin and I walked towards it, only to realize that we have just discovered a book cafe! A new hidden gem!

Bon Gout (which means “Good Taste” in French) Cafe is a delightful cafe for those who enjoy Japanese home-cooked food at budget-friendly prices. For those who dislike the thought of dining alone, fret not. There is an extremely comprehensive selection of 2nd-hand Japanese novels and comic books up for sale (at discounted prices), although you might also be interested to know that there’s also a very limited selection of English books. Diners are more than welcomed to borrow a book to read whilst enjoying simple but delicious home-cooked meal. Simply, the ideal place to sip a good cuppa coffee and enjoy a good read on a quiet and lazy afternoon. Ah, the good life! La Dolce Vita.

Check out Bon Gout Cafe!

Bon Gout Beef Curry Rice
The cafe is well-known for its signature Japanese Curry Rice so it’s a best-try. Tender and succulent slices of beef doused in thick and yummy gravy. Absolutely divine!

Cold Tofu

Chicken Katsu Lunch Set


14 responses to “. BonGout Cafe .

  1. this place looks super interesting…I’ve never seen it before but I love the concept of mixing a bookstore/library with cafe, so cozy
    Btw, would you be able to recommend any good vintage stores in Singapore that sell unique/affordable outfits or accessories? I’ve been to one or two on haji lane but are there any ‘hidden gems’ you know about? I’d love to visit one before I leave

    • Hi Kira πŸ™‚

      Likewise, i love the idea of having a book cafe; it looks so cozy. In fact, I never knew that we have a book cafe till I came across BonGout Cafe!

      Im not exactly familiar with the different vintage stores in Singapore but I’ve heard of some which you might be interested in! πŸ™‚ Ann Siang Hill – Stevie’s General Store and Oakham Market Vintage & Snap-Em-Up Thrift Store. Or, the HUGE Salvation’s Army Thrift Shop along Upper Bukit Timah. Very reasonably priced and i heard that it’s always possible to find some great vintage deals! πŸ™‚ Or New2U Thrift Shop at Waterloo Street πŸ™‚

  2. Nice place…is the price reasonable?

    • Hi there πŸ™‚

      Yes, very! About an average of $10-20 for ala carte or even, set meal (depending on what you ordered). It’s such a cozy and intimate place, i believe that you will love the plc too!

  3. Hey Hey, thanks for reading my blog and commenting! I can’t even believe anyone reads my blog, lol. Anyway, you can check out The Little Part One Cafe around Thomson, not sure if you know of that place! Cute name and cute place.

    • I’ve been reading ur blog since we last talked about Bali! πŸ™‚ It’s funny though because we don’t really know each other but im def looking forward to seeing you on serene’s BIG DAY! she’s soo excited! You stay at Teacher’s estate right? I rmr serene telling me that 1 of her SSSS friends living near me. I live in Jln Leban so that’s a stone throw away from The Little Part One cafe. Been there once during Christmas and my friends and I had a blast! Very quaint.

  4. Hi, I came to your blog from your comment in one of my posts. πŸ™‚

    I love books and indie cafes as much as I love analogue photography, so this book cafe looks like my kind of place. I am adding this to my list of cafes to visit, and adding you in my bookmarks.

    Have a good day πŸ™‚

    • yes! i’ve a feeling that you will enjoy BonGout Cafe as well. Do you know that there’s a book cafe called The Book Cafe in Singapore? Haven’t got the chance to check it out yet but I’m intending to do so… soon!

  5. Gosh .. the food pix is making me very hungry in the middle of the nite!

  6. Thanks for this post … I understand Bon Gout Cafe will be closing soon … I think it is on 20 + some thing of this month – February of 2012. If you still want to savor the good time … a walk down memory lane … catch it before it is gone for good … btw, invite your friends too … take photos with the owner and upload on your blog …

  7. anyone knows where have Bon Gout Cafe moved to ?

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