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. goodbye Queenstown .

The thought of Queenstown (Singapore) often conjures up images of a sleepy community filled with many old folks. After all, Queenstown was one of the first few housing estate and the first satellite town in Singapore. A quick check on wikipedia showed that this mature estate has 1 of the highest proportion of residents aged 65 yrs and above. In the middle of the town stood a deserted Queenstown Complex (once comprising of a cinema, bowling alley and KTV) in a state of dismal emptiness.

Nevertheless, I was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the Queenstown Complex (albeit after its prime) before it stopped operations as my secondary school was located near that district. Back in those days, the complex was buzzing with youths and students who were eager to either bowl or play games and billiard at the LAN Gaming outlet. Unfortunately, the lack of development in the area had forced all its tenants to vacate from the place. In its place now (a decade later) is an abandoned building in a bleak and depressing state. In fact, it was just 2 years back when my colleagues and I used to frequent this place (sometimes, even thrice/week) as our company’s training centre used to be located at this area. Truth to be told, we were never particularly excited about heading over to the Queenstown training centre as the place was really ulu (a term to describe an off-the-beaten-track place). But now that the entire estate will be demolished to make way for new developments, I cannot help but feel a tinge of sadness. Hence, I made MK (my ever accommodating boyfriend!) accompany me on an amateur shutterbug trip to Queenstown to capture still memories and have a look at the area before it gets torn down … for good.

The team at My Queenstown blog did a fantastic job by featuring restricted access information and pictures of the desolated Queenstown Complex. Find out about the glorious history behind the former Queenstown Bowling Alley, Palace KTV and last but not least, the iconic Queenstown Cinema Complex. Venture behind-the-scenes as the team was given private access to enter into the building to capture forgotten memories *click on the links above*!

* This post is specially dedicated to my fellow colleagues: Serene, Wai Mun, Zhennan, Victor & Jingwei ­čÖé

These blocks of flats, along with its amenities such as the playground and multi-storey capark, were selected for the government’s┬áSelective En Bloc Redevelopment Scheme so the entire residential estate is pretty much a ghost town now. The only place that is still inhabited is the Queenstown Community Library that is located behind these flats. The Margaret Drive Hawker Centre, which we used to frequent during lunch time, had also closed its door for good at end Feb 2011. The buildings will soon be gone, and only memories shall remain.

This shop (below) used to provide cheap facial services for only $15!

1 of the oldest NTUC FairPrice (Queenstown) closed its doors on 2nd Feb 2011

Even the POSB ATM machine is no longer in use. Felt a sense of sadness when I was greeted with this sight as it was barely a couple of years ago that the 6 of us had to wait in the queue in order to withdraw $ from this ATM machine.