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. im in love .

… with this pair of crochet flats from Topshop! Gorgeous, isn’t it? 

. spinning in colours .

received some goodies (more jelly lens!) in the mail and brought them out to play!

*Starburst Lens
*Vignette Lens

*3 image mirage lens

*sparkling lens

all pics taken with a nico digi toy camera + mobile

. reading session @ booksactually .

Open A Book
by Jane Baskwill

Open a book
And you will find
People and places of every kind
Open a book
And you can be
Anything that you want to be:
Open a book
And you can share
Wondrous worlds you find in there
Open a book
And I will too
You read to me
And I’ll read to you.

Friday the 13th. BooksActually presenting a reading session on Bubble G.U.M, a new novel written by a local group called the Happy Smiley Writers Group.

Nestled in the charming and enchanting street of Tiong Bahru (more specifically, Yong Siak Street), BooksActually is a name that is almost synonymous with local literature in Singapore. Book lovers will find it difficult not to fall instantly in love with this beautiful and quaint bookstore that has a vast collection of novels and literature journals under one roof. For non-book lovers, you will find yourself in a treasure trove of vintage trinkets (vintage film cameras!) and handmade stationery (produced under Birds & Co. – A stationery arm of BooksActually). In a society where most of us are obsessed with climbing the corporate ladder and making more money, it is inspiring to see young and daring entrepreneurs like Karen and Kenny who have taken a leap of faith to pursue a path that fuels their passion. In their case, the passion to share their love for books with fellow book lovers.

My good friend, Sara, is currently back in Singapore for a short vacation before she embarks on a new exciting chapter in her life. It has always been a dream of hers to pursue a Masters in Publishing and I couldn’t be happier for her that she has been accepted into the prestigious Masters program in Vancouver. Congrats my dear! 🙂  To quote Brad from ladyironchef, “The different path is often lonely and difficult. Hang in there and do not give up.” It has been a challenging and trying journey for Sara for the past couple of years … Trying to strike a balance between managing an online magazine (Esque 21), working as an English tutor and taking up a stint as an editor for a friend’s children illustration book. Phew! I have always wonder how she gets the time and energy to do everything!

Anyway, I thought that it might be a wonderful idea to introduce Sara to BooksActually – A place of inspiration. This independent bookstore has certainly come a long way since its humble beginning in 2005. We were very lucky to spend some time chatting with both Karen and Kenny (the friendly owners – Thank you for taking the time to speak to us! ) about their journey in setting up BooksActually, the challenges that they face and the dreams that they have to bring it to greater heights! It was very obvious, through the short but insightful conversation, that the pair had to make a lot of sacrifices in order to turn their dreams into reality and a roaring success that it is today. To Kenny and Karen, it is never about sticking to the safe, practical and well-trodden path. Instead, it is about the creation of a life where work is something that they truly enjoy doing every single day.  Their commendable dedication to the local literary and arts community is certainly deserving of a standing ovation!

First Time: Attending a book reading and listening to snippets of the story narrated by 5 of the writers from the Happy Smiley Writers. Am certainly looking forward to more sharing sessions in the future.

Owners Karen & Kenny with their pet cat
BooksActually, a perfect example of the result of passion, perseverance and hard work.

*All pics except for the one at the reading credit to Rediscover Singapore. Thanks Lizzy for allowing me to use the pics 🙂

. revisit: old playgrounds #1 .

Shall start this blog entry with snippets from my favourite comic, Archie (Our dog, Archie, is named after the lead character!).

Archie & Betty: A Cheap Date @ the Playground

Baby, shall we go on a simple date at the playground sometime soon? 🙂

Royston Tan’s documentary movie, Old Places, has inspired many Singaporeans to take a trip down memory lane and recapture the old places that were, once, so significant in our lives. A street barbershop, a world-class cinema, an old elevator, a family-managed confectionery, a dilapidated post office, the neighborhood coffee shop and of course, every child’s favourite hangout, the playground. Well, every child’s favourite place to be before modern technology (internet? gaming? television?) came into our lives. I miss … experiencing a temporary high as I swept back and forth on the swing, getting giddy spells as I went round the merry-go-round and enjoying the thrill of playing the balancing act on the see-saw. Playground features that are almost rare to find in modern playgrounds these days. As it turns out, the government had to convert the majority of the sandpit into foam or rubber as there was a hike in playground-related accidents which resulted in many injuries.

These playgrounds of the yesteryear (built between 1970s to 1990s) were designed and built with a specific theme in mind, such as animals and fruits. Earlier this year, The Little Drom Store celebrated “the essence of the good old dreamy days” by showcasing a collection of 28 pictures taken of 10 old playgrounds at the Esplanade. “The architecture of such nostalgic playgrounds were considered art, beyond the tangible realm. And in our humble opinion, they are so much more creative and imaginative than the plastic playgrounds we have now.” – The Little Drom Store. Such a beautiful statement.

 With only a map in hand (thank god for GPS!) and a whole lot of determination (trust me, it was quite a challenge to fight the scorching heat while trying to find my way to the playgrounds … on foot and public transport!), I managed to cover 5 old playgrounds in 5 hours. Relive your childhood memories as I take you through these 5 playgrounds located in the heartlands.

* All pics with the blurry effects are taken with the starburst jelly lens attached to the nico digi. For those who are keen, you might like to check out Film Snap for a wide range of film cameras and accessories at budget friendly prices! 🙂

Take a walk with the Dinosaurs
Address: Block 27 at Lorong 6 Toa Payoh

Colourful Dragon at sandpit playground
Address: Block 28 at Lorong 8 Toa Payoh

Mini Dragon
Address: Block 240 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh

Can you tell the time?
Address: In front of Bishan Bus Interchange

Large Dragon Playground
Address: Block 570 at Ang Mo Kio Ave 3

Credits to the following sources for providing info:
One-North Explorers
Project Old Playground
The Photojournalist

. fun with sketching 103 .

Learning about: Using shading to highlight and the kneaded eraser to soften the lines and texture. Honestly, I’m not quite happy with this piece as the shading is quite uneven and unrealistic. There’s simply so much more to learn with the different shading techniques.

. love msf .

Am loving my new crochet dress from MySpringFling! Such a classic dress. 🙂  Rachel, thank you so much for coming up with such fabulous dresses with each collection. I’m addicted to MSF!

. more wedding news .


Just received a “Save The Date!” invitation from Clara & Nelson! 11.20.2011. This means that MK and I will be attending at least 4 more weddings in the next year! In fact, we will be heading off for ZN’s church wedding in a couple of hours! How exciting! 🙂

. fun with sketching 102 .

Learning about: Fine shading, Hatching, Cross-Hatching and Scribbling. Seeing Art as a form of therapy.

. NTU ADM 2011 .

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU), School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) presents 143 emerging creatives from six distinct majors: Digital Animation, Digital Filmmaking, Photography and Digital Imaging, Interactive Media, Product Design and Visual Communication. Revel in the diversity of the visual arts and join the Class of 2011 as they celebrate the conclusion of a four-year honours programme.

Creativity is free even within constraints—it takes pleasure in true function, and flight with elegant form. Our work takes notice of the world instead of expecting the opposite. Come see that world through our eyes.

Old School, 11B Mount Sophia
13 – 23 May 2011
10.30am – 9pm

It was a first for me to visit a graduation art showcase and I have to say that the experience to view and appreciate the artworks and interactive displays created by the Class of 2011 had been nothing short of amazing. In general, the stunning showcase oozes lots of character and reflects what promises to be a diversity of promising talents. One cannot help but be in awe of how simple ideas can be conceptualized to produce such a variety of impressive exhibits. The usually empty hall at 11B Mount Sophia had been magically transformed into a dreamland of creative ideas and projects. Whilst some students chose the safer route to concentrate on corporate branding and packaging, the others opted to express their opinions on social topics – such as “Acceptance in Society”, “Transgender”, “In the Raw” and “Sexuality through Media” – through the medium of visual, digital and interactive art forms.

Whilst it’s definitely difficult to choose favourites when there are over a hundred works on display, I would say that those that really caught my attention are “Do Something” by Bernadette Chong (I love her motto about taking the initiative to live life to the fullest and not take it for granted), “Marriage portrayed as a White Elephant“, “Acceptance in Society” (about a girl who decided to modify her appearance just so that she can conform to societal norms and expectations), “F(.)(.)D” by Wei Ling and “Earthtone“.

My only complaint? A change of venue to somewhere cooler as it was an uphill task to fully appreciate the showcase while battling with the sweltering heat.

Using sexuality behind image construction – Brassiere to replace food

A fund-raising project for Mdm Wong’s Shelter for abandoned dogs and cats

Corporate Identity and Branding

. what did you do over the public holiday? .

Let’s see. Took some time off to spend ME TIME exploring and photographing 5 old playgrounds in the earlier half of the day. Came back home to blog about our trip to Bukit Timah Railway Station, catch up on my blog reads, spend time with my family and 2 dogs before ending it with a good book in bed. Just the way I like. 🙂 How I wish for more free days like today.

* All pics taken with Starburst Jelly Lens attached to Nico Digi. 1st Experiment.