. ann siang hill & club street revisited .

In all honesty, I’m feeling miserable at work. Sadly, I’m becoming one of those irritating people who does nothing but complain about it all the time. Poor MK, he’s the main victim of my constant ranting and frequent bouts of bad temper. Anyway, when work gets tough and dreadful, it is the weekend trips to the quaint & charming shops at Ann Siang Hill & Club Street that remind me that there’s more to life than work. 🙂  Click here for pictures & details of my first trip back in Feb 2010!

Ann Siang Hill & Club Street REVISITED – A place of many dreams.

Presenting the “THEN NOW NEXT” exhibition at the Fred Perry Laurel Wreath Shop (23rd April – 22nd May). A visual art exhibition, this display features stories and personal items from 18 individuals – ZOUK, JUICE, :phunk, Tracy Philips, Kenny & Karen from Books Actually, etc – who have shaped the local art scene in one way or another.

A stroll along the stretch of Ann Siang Hill will reveal that there are still many Chinese-Dialect associations in existence. Obviously, the participation in such associations has been a downward trend, especially amongst the younger generations. As such, it quips my curiosity to find out more about the origins and history of such associations. Shall conduct a research on it soon. Here’s a peek into 1 of the association.

Up for some vintage & thrift shopping? Anyone?

K Ki

K Ki Sweets shop needs no introduction. It has been the talk of the town since it opened early last year. Selling a range of freshly-baked Japanese pastries and cakes, K Ki has been attracting hordes of food bloggers to its premises and many of whom have spoken very highly of this little cafe.

The Dream: Unlike many pastry chefs, Kenneth (the baker) is self-taught and has never been to any professional baking schools prior to setting up his cafe. His passion for baking has spurred him to quit his job so that he can continue to share his joy of baking with the community. Perhaps, it is his love for baking that has made so many people enchanted by this humble yet delightful cafe.

Classic Chocolate cake for me. A boring and predictable choice. True indeed, this slice of cake failed to satisfy. Taste was average and for $6+, I could have bought 2 slices of chocolate cake at a less up-market cafe. Note to self: Be more adventurous with my choices next time 🙂

The signature Antoinette (white chocolate cake with mango filling in the middle) for Soy. Absolutely heavenly and a must-try!

The Little dröm Store

In short, it is the Children Little Museum comes ALIVE. 🙂

The Dream: It’s true that many of us have big dreams. However, it is easy to cast those dreams aside when life gets practical or well, when money becomes an issue. Therefore, the majority of us remain as just that – day dreamers. To Stanley and Antoinette, opening the little dröm store is a result of turning their dreams into reality. Their dream? To create a space where people can come and be inspired, revisit childlike wonder and just enjoy the little things in life. Be inspired by art. Be inspired by creativity. Be inspired by your childhood memories. Be inspired to take a leap of faith. Be inspired by the dream-keepers (aka the owners) of the little dröm store.

P/S: Stanley is a very lovely chap who shared with me a lot about his knowledge on film cameras (for film camera enthusiasts –  do check out the collection of vintage film and Polaroid cameras that are sold in the store!). He has certainly been of a great help! 🙂 They also publish limited edition illustration and photography books under their independent publishing arm, The Little Dröm Press.

It wasn’t too long ago that I visited a local exhibition, SYNAESTHESIA @ Substation (click here). Synaesthesia is a visual extension of Ceriph – A quarterly book publication showcasing the different works from local artists and writers.  Decided to purchase the 1st issue of Ceriph as a congratulation gift to my best friend, Sara, who received news that she is accepted to a Masters in Publishing program! Awesome 🙂  Can’t wait for your return in May, dear.

Woods In The Books  – The Picture Book Shop

The Dream: People grow up too fast and may not know what they have lost. Founders, Shannon & Mike, want to create a cozy corner where they can re-inspire people to rediscover the simple joys in life. What can be a better way to inspire jaded adults other than pictorial books that we, once, loved and adored so much when we were children?


7 responses to “. ann siang hill & club street revisited .

  1. Nice photos, you took them? What software you using to create the vintage look?

    btw, thanks for the comment in my blog. (:

    • im a huge fan of quotes!!! they always have the effect of making me ponder about life, albeit a short-lasting effect :p but yes, im a quote-o-holic 🙂

      oh, i use photoscape! love the program, it’s like photoshop for the dummies :p you can google photoscape. alternatively, you might also like to try picasa! yup, took the pics using the usual compact camera. im still contemplating if i should invest in a dslr (Although i reckon that MK will be using that more often than i do).

  2. WOW! Your skills are good.. If you didn’t tell me you used a normal compact camera, i would have thought you used a dslr to take these shots..

    • HA, no la… im really just an amateur “wannabe photographer” and would love to pick up proper technical skills! MK has been asking me to get a slightly more pro camera but i’m still contemplating because essentially, i’m still a point-and-shoot person. LOL. How are you doing with your DSLR? 🙂 I heard that Cherlynn also purchased one after getting influenced from you :p

  3. i just visited Anne Siang Hill for the first time last weekend and was planning on doing a blog post about it as well! Very chilled-out place but I didn’t have time to see all the shops you wrote about. Maybe i’ll head back again soon

    • Hi babe 🙂

      Really? Isn’t it a lovely place? I love visiting Ann Siang Hill. It’s a treasure trove of quaint and indie shops. You have to visit The Little Drom Store, i’ve a feeling that you’ll fall instantly in love with the place 🙂 In fact, I just headed to Bukit Pasoh (near Chinatown) a couple days’ back and I cannot wait to head back there in the day to take more pics.

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