. plant a dream #6 .

It has been 6 long months since my last feature on “Plant A Dream“. Honestly, the past couple of months were probably one of the lowest period of my life as I felt as if I was constantly stuck in a rut … at a crossroad in life, or some might call it, a quarter-life crisis. Hence, I didn’t feel like I was in a best position to talk about dreams and the future. It was a rough patch of my life and even up till now, I still find myself struggling with the direction that I want to take in life.

Nonetheless, my decision to bring back this feature/blog stems from the fact that I’ve received several requests from friends and readers alike to revive this feature. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! 🙂  “Plant A Dream” is a collection of dreams shared by ordinary people and I hope that in the years to come, the people who have shared their dreams can look back and see if they were a step closer to fulfilling this dream of theirs. This blog entry marks the return of “Plant A Dream”. Will be posting a feature once a fortnight (Weds) instead of weekly so that it will be more manageable for me.


Since young, i’ve been wanting to be a scientist! Always inspired by inventions and want to have my own inventions. I place high hopes on myself, aiming to be a scientist someday…

But sometimes, winds do change directions, didnt do so well for A levels, and serving NS, Local Uni rejected my applications. However my current university accepted me in sports science degree. With that I went out to look for jobs relating to this area to gain working experience. whatever doors are open(even not related), i’ll just walk in and explore.

Opportunities came and I took every one of it. Some people do give not so nice comments on what im studying, but I believed in myself. As time past, im now have the opportunity to work as a Research Assistant in this area. Never expected back then when i got my A levels results. As of now, im still furthering my studies, hoping to be even more specialised in the field of my interest-rehabilitation, to help people in hospitals.

Dont think that you can fly just by flapping your arms, but believe in yourself and invent an aeroplane. The sea is broad, got to sail out to look for other shores, by staying on shore, you will never get out of “pulau comfort” and nv know whats out there for you. Yes sometimes you might not find a land, or the land has been fully populated, but its the experience that you gain out there which can nv be gained by staying onshore. At least now you know more.
and with this experience, you can venture out even further to look for the land of “your own”=)

– Tom –
A volunteer with RDA

Click here to visit the site.

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