. what’s in my bag? .

Fascinated by what ladies carry in their bags, blogger Miss Ene decided to dedicate a blog entry on the loot that she carries with her every time she’s out of the house and has also invited many of her fellow bloggers to join in the fun! Thanks to her, I’m invited to blog about “What’s in my bag?”. The initial excitement of sharing my bag loot soon gave way to hesitation as I realized that the items that I carry are so uninteresting and blah that it might bore you bloggers and readers out there!

Just like Serene, I have to admit that I’m a horrible owner to my bags. Honestly, I throw so many unwanted receipts and scribbled papers in my bag that it’s easily to have mistaken it as a “rubbish bin”! To save myself from a public embarrassment, I decided to give my bag a mini spring cleaning (out goes the many receipts and recycled papers) so that it will look more presentable. Sorry Serene, no trash bag for the time being! :p

The necessities. 1. My 2nd-hand (vintage) Fendi wallet that was given to me by my aunt. I ought to get a new wallet soon but being the occasional cheapskate that I am, it’s hard to part with my $ to get the new luxury good that I’ve been eying! 2. Sony Xperia 10 mobile which I only use to message, call, set as an alarm, surf the net and listen to music. Nonetheless, it’s probably the only item I need to have with me 24/7 as I would feel “naked” without it! 3. Superheadz Nico Digi keychain camera. This reminds me, I ought to start using this mini camera more often. 4. My choice of a good luck charm is the 4 leaf clover and the Irish Shamrock! Keeping this 3-leafed Irish Shamrock card in my wallet as a symbol of good luck in my life 🙂

The essential stationery. 1. A $4 daily planner from the fancy stationery shop, Artbox. Yes, the shop that sells oh-so-pretty stuff at exorbitant prices! In spite of the convenience of using a smartphone, I very much prefer to jot down my daily schedule & check list in ink! 2. I ‘m obsessed with doodling and making lists, be it a “TO DO” or “What have I done today” list, so this little notebook from Kino definitely comes in handy! Being a huge fan of quotes, this book also serves as a journal for me to note down inspiring and motivational quotes. 3. A little book of relaxation – Exactly what I need to keep me calm living in a hectic and stressful city like Singapore!

Knick-Knacks. 1. My $6 sunglasses (bought them at a discount!) from Cotton On! Simply cannot live without this pair of shades whenever I’m out under the scorching sun. 2. Silky Girl foundation (yes, I’m too poor to afford branded cosmetics) and black eyeliner (a daily essential). 3. A worn-out namecard holder that my mother gave to me as a gift. Obviously, I do not care much about it as the ends of the cover piece are already falling out of place. An excuse to get a new holder soon. 4. My house keys (minimal, aint it?) with 2 key chains – A dog tag that has “S.G.A.” engraved on it and a miniature ballerina shoe. The dog tag was a Christmas gift from my sisters, Ginette & Amanda. No prizes for guessing what S.G.A stands for! :p  As for the shoe, it’s a reminder of my 1st childhood dream to become a ballerina! Never happened though, haha. 5. A magnet that Serene bought for me as a souvenir from Malacca. Carry it with me all the time as it’s a gentle reminder to “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life!“. Love the inspiring quote! 🙂 

For my reading pleasure. 1. As some of you might know, “Julie & Julia” is 1 of my favourite movies of all time and I was ecstatic when I realized that a fellow Singaporean has written a similar book, chronicling her new take on life through her a new love for cooking. A Tiger in the Kitchen. It’s a habit of mine to bring along a library book wherever I go so that I’ll always have some reading materials between long waiting time (e.g. bus journeys).  2. Bought this 8 Days Eat Out Guide for MK as he’s a huge foodie. On top of that, it also provides us with famous food places to check out during our dates. 3. A bitten apple bookmark that has been with me since I was in Primary School! Yes, 1 of those “useless but cute” items that I used to splurge on at the school bookshop! Those were the good old days when shopping only revolved around stationery, notebooks and cross-stitch sets!


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  1. your notebooks are so pretty!!
    i just realised that urbanwrite in orchard central has really nice (and much cheaper) planners as well! (: and my friend recommended another shop in wisma (opposite cotton on). maybe can check out those places sometime (:

    • thanks babe!

      u know what’s the best part? They don’t cost a bomb! I will usually only spend an average of $4-6 on a notebook … anything more than that, I feel difficult to part with my money lol. But yes, thanks for the recommendation! Must definitely check those places out soon 🙂

  2. Oooh, thanks so much for doing this post Stephanie! I’m amazed that you carry the little book of relaxation and a MAGNET around! LOL. I have to say that I *lurve* the quote on it though. So darn true!

    And guess what? One of my childhood dreams was to be a ballet dancer too! I think it was the pink tutus and soft pink shoes that I really loved. I wanted to take ballet lessons but my parents said no and I ended up with piano lessons. Always wanted to do one of those adult ballet classes but decided I’m over the hill and I should not risk breaking any bones. Lalalala.

    • u’re welcome! In fact, thank you for inviting me to do this post! It’s been fun! Yea, i’m supposed to be put the magnet at my workplace but somehow, i love the quote so much that I reckon that it’s best for me to carry it 24/7. LOL.

      Well, being a ballerina epitomizes the beauty of being feminine. So, not surprisingly, many of us wanted to be a ballet dance. I was so close to picking up ballet when I was a kid too but I was a total tomboy when I was young so I guess I didn’t quite fit the image of a petite and graceful dancer. 😦

  3. Love the keychain camera!
    (Also love reading non-fiction books about food! )

    • Do remember to recommend any non-fiction books or movies about food or simple luxuries in life on your blog. 1 of my other fav has got to be EAT.PRAY.LOVE 🙂 Love it!

  4. Oh oh, if you love stationery, I’m sure you’ve discovered kikki.K at ION Orchard and Tampines Mall? I lurrrve the stuff in there but they’re on the expensive side so I can only drool. Tip: Tell a loved one what you like and HINT LOUDLY to them to get it for you for a special occasion!

    • Oh yes, Kikki.K has such an extensive collection of paper goods and products, it drives me crazy. Yet, I can’t bear to part with my $ to splurge on paper goods that I’ll eventually doodle and scribble on. HAHAHA, let’s hope my bf reads this comment and gets the hint :p

  5. this idea is so cute! except my bag is also too much of a mess…i wish the trend of oversized bags had never become popular, because now it’s just an excuse for me to carry anything and everything wherever i go!
    i also laughed about what you said for artbox…i went in for the first time this week. it’s definitely cute…but i can’t say i’ll be buying a lot haha

    • don’t worry, my bag is constantly in a huge mess too. In fact, you should post a similar blog entry as it forces you to do a spring-cleaning for your blog! Exactly what I did 🙂

      Oh yes, everything is too expensive in Singapore. 😦 Well, except for DAISO! I can go crazy shopping in Daiso, everything’s only selling for $2! You might like to check out this little online shop, Cotton Candy Island for cute stationery too.

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  7. You can also check out NBC at Raffles City (B1). Great and cute stuff.. Your keychain digi camera sounds fascinating! How does it work?

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  9. Thanks for the info. It looks like a really cool and nifty camera! Now I wanna get my hands on it! Hehe…

    • yea, it’s a pretty “cute” camera but let me warn you first, it doesn’t capture nice pics easily. Try Film Snap (online shop), I got mine from there. Guess what? I’m actually googling about the different lomo cameras as Im typing this. Am intending to get either a Holga or Diana but am unsure of the comparisons. Any suggestions? 🙂

  10. I wish I could help but my knowledge of lomo and toy cameras are really limited.

    Not sure if it will help, but check out Notablia’s post on Cameras:

  11. I can never expose my bag as it will just embarrassing .. full of receipts and rubbish. Well, the government did taught as well. Can only throw rubbish in rubbish bin. My bag is one rubbish bin! haha.

    Learnt ballet when young but it is not as fun having to tiptoe and stretching in every lesson! But wearing tutu is cutesy. Tutu is back in fashion now with the black swan effect. One of my gfs just picked up ballet last year so it is never too late to start! 🙂 follow ur passion babe! 🙂

  12. Wow, you really have a lot of stuff in your bag!

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