The past weekend had been so hectic that I hardly had the time for a breather. Took up an ad hoc job offer as an events assistant for a dance studio over the wkend. Sure, it was an exhausting past couple of days (did nothing else but to work & sleep) but the $ will come in handy to fund for … …

The upcoming scuba diving course that MK and I had signed up for! I’ve been talking about learning how to dive for ages (for years!) so it’s exhilarating to know that I’m finally 1 step closer to fulfilling this dream! 🙂



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  1. My life pales in comparison with yours. Dull & mundane vs exciting & refreshing. LOL

    i wanna pick up a new skill this yr but i’m procrastinating! Cause i’m unsure how my job will turn out to be. Gonna be the main ic for the Annual Report project this year. If i sign up for the class and keep skipping it, it will be a waste of my resources. =X

    • Well, on the contrary, I think my life’s alright. Exciting in some sense but you know, i need to makeup for my lack of passion/interest in my work.

      trust me, ive NO idea where’s my work direction heading to either. ive thoughts of leaving at the back of my mind all the time, its frustrating. truth to be told, with my store’s renovation coming up, i foresee lots of OT and late nights. But if i did ask myself a question – work or the growth for individual improvement? In the end, i chose the latter because whilst it’s important to prioritize work, oneself and the search for knowledge/improvement should be second to none. 🙂 i just hope my boss will be ok with it!

  2. Yup! I will try and sound my boss out too because she did tell me work is gonna get hectic & i can foresee OTs and late nights too.

    If all goes well, i hope to learn the guitar this year. A much cheaper alternative to driving. Both of which, i’ve been procrastinating for the longest time… HAHA!


    • driving. oh man, ive been procrastinating since forever! and nothing’s done yet. although im really glad i picked up swimming though. oh, my sis is currently learning how to play the guitar by herself. look at youtube videos and such. or, do u know groupon? sign up for it! they have really cheap deals. i once saw a cheap deal on 4 guitar classes for less than $100!

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