. synaesthesia @ substation .

“Synaesthesia is a serial experiment that crosses the boundaries between two genres of art: the written word and the image. A collaboration between writers and artists, Synæsthesia is the product of a marriage between form and words that exist beyond the page.

Featuring 16 pairs of writers and visual artists, the main gist of the project is to have a visual artist interpret and create a typographic piece out of a local writer’s poetry or microfiction, encouraging dialogue between the two mediums of expression.”

Currated by: Winnie Goh
Co-currated by: Wei Fen Lee
Organised by: Ceriph (click Ceriph to read about the inspiration behind this project)

Visited the SYNAESTHESIA exhibition @ The Substation Gallery after work today (17th April) as it was the last day of the exhibition. It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. True enough. There is no denying that a picture is able to provide the illustration which makes it easier for the audience to comprehend. Yet, (to me) words leave much to the imagination. The written text gives the audience the freedom to let the mind run wild and be creative in coming up with your own interpretations.

The Artist. The Writer. 2 very different artists. Both portray different forms of communication and expression. Most view the art and the text as individual works and mediums. Yet, when both are merged together, a new form of art is created. Although not in the creative industry (in fact, im working in an industry that’s far from being creative), I have always been fascinated by the arts, design and crafts since I was a little kid. Having said that, I must admit that my only stint with something artsy was way back in Primary School where I was enrolled in Chinese Painting classes as part of my ECA. It was truly intriguing to see how both the artist and the writer attempt to complement each other’s style in order to achieve “an ideal marriage”. The balancing act when neither medium should super-precede the other; the need for both mediums to come together to communicate the art work effectively to the audience. While some pieces are a little too abstract for my liking (harder to appreciate), most have hidden meanings that are easier to grasp. Some of my favourite pieces are : Heartless by Xin Jie & Faiezah Osman, Sleep by Mindflyer & Nurul Musfirah, What are we then? by Zxerokool & Jon Gresham and Why so serious?

Synaesthesia might have already ended its run as we speak but for those who are hoping to get a peek into this multi-sensory experience, you might like to pick up a copy of Ceriph journal that’s available in certain independent bookstores. Click here!

* all images taken at the gallery credit to SYNAESTHESIA


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