. beauty in black .

The Little BLACK Dress

A fashion statement. A classic icon. An integral part of the fashion world. A little piece of garment that all women should have in their wardrobe.

A collection of 18 black dresses (From the 1950’s to 2010) is currently on display at the Beauty in Black exhibition held at the National Museum of Singapore. The exhibition seeks to educate members of the public about the birth and rise of this iconic status – Its history as a dress  traditionally associated with sadness and sorrow to its eventual triumph over traditions. On display are dresses designed by famous fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Cristobal Balenciaga, Rei Kawakubo and Pierre Cardin. Embark on a fashion journey that allows you to appreciate the timeless beauty of the little black dress that has transcended both time and culture.

Milestones of The Little Black Dress (LBD)

1910 – “Black Ascot” race when the ladies in society wore black to mourn the recent passing of King Edward VII
1912 – Black was the choice of colour amongst many women during World War I, The Great War
1926 – The introduction of the LBD by Coco Chanel. The signature of all LBD.
1961 – The LBD (designed by Hubert de Givenchy) that was popularized by  Audrey Hepburn in the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

 If I were to be given a choice of having only 1 colour in my wardrobe, it would certainly be BLACK. No second thoughts. I can’t live without having many little black dresses in my closet. Can you?

* all pics taken with my mobile. apologies for poor quality of pics.

Scheherezade is easy; a little black dress is difficult.
– Coco Chanel –

One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.
—  Karl Lagerfeld

Every girl should have a little black dress, a great boyfriend blazer and a pair of skinny jeans in their wardrobe.
– Lauren Conrad –

 With one black dress you’re safe.With two, you have double-edged security.
– The Straits Times –

Beauty in Black
Balcony, Level 2
National Museum of Singapore
FREE Admission
Till 13th June 2011


8 responses to “. beauty in black .

  1. This was a great exhibit. I do wish it was larger, though, i.e. more dresses. I felt a little unsatisfied.

    As for your comment on my blog, outsiders tend to be more interested in exploring a new place than people who live there. (I tended to get complacent about my city when I lived in NYC.) And we *have to* get out and meet people. All our friends are in other time zones :(.

    • I suppose there’s no free lunch in the world. The museum would have probably charge us an admission fee if the exhibition was to be held on a bigger scale. Nonetheless, it definitely gave me a better understanding of the history and rise of the LBD.

      In a way, I can’t help but to agree with your statement about locals getting too complacent and comfortable living in their hometown/city. Like you, I made sure I was always out exploring or engaging myself in some activities during my semester in Buffalo, NY. Up till now, my short stay in Buffalo remains as 1 of the most memorable time of my life. On hindsight, my interest in discovering more about Singapore and its hidden gems was probably ignited by this overseas experience. Absolutely no regrets! 🙂

      • Which campus were you on? We have family up in BUF. Gosh, how did you deal w/ the weather? I can barely do so!

      • North Campus! 🙂 Well, considering the fact that I’ve been living my entire life in sunny Singapore, you can imagine just how ecstatic I was to be living in somewhere with 4 seasons. Was very fortunate to have experienced all 4 seasons in Buffalo (Summer in August to Early Winter in Dec). Having said that, there were many days when I had to bundle myself up in LAYERS just so that I can keep myself warm (Albeit barely).

  2. I’m a total black gal too! haha, can’t live without that colour =P and your post reminds me of this fashion company which had us feature their black dresses on esque 21! love those things! =D

    • Hi dear 🙂

      As much as black might be deemed as predictable and boring (in fashion sense), it’s truly the iconic fashion colour that will stand against the test of time! 🙂 Plus, the fact that it flatters one’s figure is a huge bonus!

  3. I’m looking for a simple black dress but have yet to find one..
    Found one at NeuLook, but it was sleeveless and i’m not confident wearing sleeveless as my arms look fat…

    hahaha.. i need to spruce up my wardrobe with dresses. i’ve got ZERO!!!

    • Alternatively, you can buy a little jacket to wear if you’re uncomfortable with wearing sleeveless. Or, get a little black dress with longer sleeves! can look really good too. I havent shop in a brick and mortar shop in ages! only shop online these days because it’s much cheaper and convenient. believe it or not, im lazy to shop these day :p

      u def need to get dresses. they are essentials. or if u dont like feminine dresses, can also getting some chic but simple ones. 🙂

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