. luv-a-thon 2011 .

For those of you who have been following my blog since the start, you might have realized that both MK and I have been making it a point to participate in the annual Luv-A-Thon. Click here for the 2009 and 2010 recaps. To put it simply, we never fail to have a blast racing together as a team each time. Such is the importance of this couples’ race that it has become such an integral part of our dating lives. 🙂

On top of completing the race, we were also treated to a short presentation by Dr Linda Haverkamp-Heng (also known as Dr Love in DUET Magazine) about the different elements that are needed to maintain the spark and love in a relationship. What does “LOVE” means to you? Does the thought of LOVE conjures up delightful images of a couple walking into the sunset or a married couple walking happily down the aisle? Good for you if you happened to be 1 of the 0.1% couples who are perpetually on cloud 9! However, for the majority of us, loving someone can certainly be a hell of an experience at times. Pardon my language. The tumult of emotions with every up and down of a relationship, the challenges of having to maintain the spark, the need to constantly create romance, and the list goes on … Oh boy! Therefore, we are appreciative of the “pre-marital” crash talk that definitely prep us for the journey ahead.

7 Elements of Highly Effective Relationships

Understanding – Discovery, Acceptance
Communication – Compliments, Couple Time
– Her, His and Our Needs
Compromise – I Love You, Tame your anger, Time out
Respect – Different roles, Complement
Trust – Earned, Faith
Care – Love Language

Developed specially by the Marriage Central for the launch of Real Love Works 2010, this game “In His Shoes, In Her Shoes” is designed such that it allows couples to foster a better understanding of each other. Their needs, likes, dislikes, preferences. A fun and light-hearted game for couples and friends alike! 🙂

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