. all about weddings .

The many celebrations in life

2008 –  The year when most of us celebrated turning 21 yrs old in style! House parties, chalets, clubs … It was official, we were finally adults and “legal”!

2009 – Say goodbye to our carefree days as we graduate from university and enter the ever-competitive workforce. Say hello to the never-ending stress and the ambition to climb the corporate ladder!

2011 – It’s the time of engagements and weddings. In just a span of 6 months, I’ve received countless of happy news from friends and colleagues alike regarding their recent successful bids to HDB flats, engagements and weddings! Congrats to all my dear friends 🙂

2015 – Do I hear, the arrival of a little bundle of joy? Anyone?


With so many of my friends taking the step to make a commitment for life, it’s inevitable that I’ve also been, reluctantly, the victim of many questions pertaining to my turn to walk down the aisle.

Well, my dear friends … The news is out! We wouldn’t be tying the knot anytime soon. Simply too many things that we want to accomplish on our individual TO-DO list . Plus, our need to have some breathing space apart from each other. But of course, like many couples, we have the occasional conversations about our “ideal” wedding. Our preference? To keep things simple and intimate with about 30-50 family members and close friends. If possible, to make do without the usual Chinese banquet although we reckon it’s tough to fight against traditions.

Some crazy but feasible ideas off my head. Don’t judge us!

Elope and get hitched in a drive-in wedding. Only in Vegas.

Wedding on wheels

A wedding set amidst the floral garden

I DO, by the sea

Destination wedding at 1 of our favourite boutique resort, Tempat Senang Batam

My childhood dream? The ultimate fairytale wedding. To get wed in The Happiest Place on Earth – Disneyland

Only request from the boy. He wants to flair. Yes, on his wedding day!


6 responses to “. all about weddings .

  1. Mmmm those really are cool ideas, which have gone through my mind as well! Give Singapore another 5 to 10 years, these will become the new “traditional”. Ok maybe not the wedding on wheels, but I think the wedding in a garden or on a yacht would be sweet.

    • I totally agree! It seems like there is a developing trend growing towards an al fresco wedding, be it at a garden/beach/yacht. Although, the weather is a bitch!

      Wedding on wheels… Ok, this is tough. I gonna admit. I’m thinking, cycling in as a couple instead of the usual stroll during the march-in! HA.

  2. Babe, the wedding is ALL about you & your man (but main focus should still be on you . haha). Hold it wherever you fancy! 🙂 It can be a intimate party or a grand extravagant wedding ..doesn’t matter as long as there is love .. 🙂

    p/s I can be your wedding planner foc .. *heartz*

    • HAHA. I like it when you said that the wedding should be “ALL ABOUT THE BRIDE”! After all, isn’t everyone’s attention on the bride 99.9% of the time? :p

      Anyhow, I wouldn’t be tying the knot anytime soon… Not looking at that direction yet though the whole HDB BTO is such a long wait but I told my boy, no buying of HDB before the actual proposal… I wouldn’t accept it! LOL. Thanks for ur kind offer! 🙂

  3. hey, thanks for checking out my blog!
    i really am having a blast here –such a great place to live and travel from 🙂
    i enjoyed your post about st john island, it’s not somewhere i’d originally thought of visiting, but since it’s so close i might add it to my Singapore-to-do-list now.
    and congrats on the weddings news 😉

    • Hi there 🙂

      It’s great to know that students enjoy their exchange in Singapore! 🙂 And, boy are you and your friends traveling alot! I’d say, more so than me for the new year!

      You should certainly consider a trip to St John Island with your pals. It might not be as “beautiful” or “fun” as Sentosa but it’s a hidden gem that’s worth checking out, minus the crowds!

      HA. I wouldnt be getting married anytime soon, babe. More years to come!

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