. waves of excitement .

Ever seen those cool surfers catching the huge waves, performing breath-taking stunts and wishing that you could be 1 of them? Well … Admittedly, I was 1 of those wannabe but my inability to swim (NOT ANYMORE! YAY!) and fear of being left in the open sea (Never without a life vest!) have simply left me at just that. A wannabe who daydreams for the day to come when I can finally attempt to “test the waves”.

So, when I was presented the opportunity to give the thrilling FlowRider at Wave House, Sentosa a try (Thanks to the cheap deal on Women & Sports) , I knew that this was something that I cannot afford to miss. Fortunately, JZ was equally as excited and keen as I was to ride the FlowRider so I got myself a buddy! 🙂 A friend, an encouragement.

Hooray to JZ who was totally rocking the waves. Excellent attempt for a first-timer as she was constantly able to maintain her balance on the board! 🙂  You were awesome, girl!

On the other hand, I didn’t fare as well as I found myself falling to my knees and getting wiped out within seconds of letting go of the rope! DARN. Nonetheless, I was stoked that I managed to surprise myself by riding the artificial waves whilst standing on the board! Such an adrenaline rush!

First up, to perfect my swimming and get the hang of threading water. Next, I just need to find more FlowRider kaki so that we can have a blast at Wave House together … Or, better still, head for an overseas budget surfing trip! For ladies who are interested in getting fit or trying out a variety of sports, do check out the cheap deals offered on Women & Sports! Have fun, babes!

4 responses to “. waves of excitement .

  1. I’m so excited to see that you’re also one of those who “dunno how to swim”. Ok that sounds really bad of me but I don’t mean it that way. I’m also considered in that category. I’ve got hydrophobia. I did learn swimming in pri 3 back then when it was compulsory for all to learn in school. I could manage to flair my arms and just swim, float and swim to the bottom to touch the ground. All these w/o fear. However, I do not know the proper strokes to swim well. Fast forward to a few years later, I totally lost my abilty to swim (some say it’s crap coz you’ll never lose it) but I swear I did. I nearly drowned twice and on both occasions, the same friend saved me. I developed hydrophobia after that. As long as my legs can’t feel the ground, I won’t leave the sides. I’m very glad that I overcome it while diving in Maldives. The dive drills were really really bad and I felt so scared and lousy. However, the actual dive was amazing. My hubby had to burst my happiness bubble by saying I kick funnily and that I still haven’t learnt how to swim. But then again, you need not know how to swim in diving coz you’ve got your oxygen tank.

    I hope I haven’t overshared. I’m just really glad to know someone with similar problems and overcoming it and I’m glad you’re learning and slowly letting yourself deeper into water-related sports. Do you learn it via proper channels?

    • Hi babe 🙂

      Oh yes! Thank you so much for sharing with me your story too. I’ve so many friends who knew how to swim since young that I’m really 1 of those late-comers. So, it’s nice to know that there are others out there who share and overcame this obstacle. 🙂 In fact, swimming was made compulsory for all students back in secondary school however, by some chance, i actually managed to escape from it. Oh boy! At that point of time, I actually thought I was so lucky to have escaped from swimming but of course, moving forward, it’s something that I totally regret. Nonetheless, better late than never … It’s been a goal of mine to learn swimming in the past couple of years but the thought of learning it with little kids made me felt very embarrassed, to the extent that i was willing to procrastinate (Such a bad habit!).

      Thankfully, this year is a year that I want to make changes and I decided to register for basic swimming classes in PA (cheap!). Since then, I’ve been trying to swim for 2-3 times a week. I absolutely enjoy swimming and it’s a great form of exercise for me! Been wanting to dive (in fact, I rather learn how to dive than to surf!) but I need to master how to thread water first before I can take the certificate (am I correct?). So awesome that you actually dive in the paradise island of Maldives! OMG. Maldives is absolutely a paradise island and I cannot tell you how envious I am that you were there on a vacation! 🙂 Need to save $$$!

      Once again, thank you so much for sharing with me your story. You’re probably the only person I know who has learned how to dive before swimming lol :p gonna agree with your hubs on that!

  2. Oh i forgot to add, I recently included your blog link to the Kampong Buangkok post in my post as I wanted to refer readers to your write up on the kampong’s history instead of copying and pasting onto mine. I’d wanted to ask your permission the other time but I’ve got problem viewing your site after that.

    • Sure, no issues on that. I often get info for certain “ulu” places of interest off the net/other blogs too. 🙂 Yes, wordpress was down for several days and I was miserable! 😦

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