. valentine’s day in Bali .

Just spent a couple of days at the idyllic island of Bali. Now, it’s not our practice to splurge on accommodation while abroad (why spend a bomb on hotels/resorts when you should be out exploring the sights and sounds of a new place?!) but considering that our intention was to rest, relax and rejuvenate, we thus figured out that it probably wouldn’t hurt that much to spend a little more on something more luxurious and plush. An excuse to indulge in a one-off occasion to pamper ourselves! Set in a tranquil Balinese-influenced surroundings and lush tropical greenery, The
Bali Dream Suite Villa (the sister resort of the more famous The Bali Dream Villa) seems like an intimate place to unwind and relax in style … and best of all, at a fraction of the price that you would have to pay for a similar villa in Singapore!

Outdoor living room

The fabulous part? We had a private pool all to ourselves! We might not have the luxury of waking up to the glorious view of the ocean and its crashing waves but the splendid plunge pool made up for the lack of beach views.

Al fresco rain shower

The door at the outdoor shower opens to a spectacular view – green foliage and the mini sky-blue pool.

Beautiful frangipani flowers. Welcome fruit platter. Revitalizing rain shower. Unique “Do not disturb” door sign.

Want to catch a glimpse of the world-famous breathtaking sunset in Bali? Head over to the Sunset On Seminyak (SOS) Rooftop Lounge & Bar at Anantara Seminyak Resort & Spa and be dazzled by this sunset experience. Unfortunately for us, leaving the villa (and the oh-so-comfortable bed – we slept like a baby every night!) proved to be such a challenge that we decided to give sunset watching a miss. Come to think of it, we didn’t even get to catch the sunset on either of the 2 evenings that we were there! What a pity! Nonetheless, it was such a delightful experience to be greeted by the panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and be served with such warm hospitality.

Culinary Delights

Believe it or not – 2011 actually marks the first time that we are celebrating Valentine’s Day together, on the actual day itself! The past 3 Valentine’s Days were, unfortunately, spent either at work or CNY visiting (2010). Such a sad love life, aint it?! Famed for its calm and clear waters, Tanjung Benoa (Nusa Dua) is the destination for water sports enthusiasts & amateurs (like us!) as it has something for everyone! Take your pick from the wide range of activities available – from glass bottom boat tours to wake-boarding to snorkeling- but be warned that this area is extremely touristy and crowded!

Took up a marine package that allows us to try jet ski (Our favourite! Gave us such an adrenaline rush to let our hair down & speed around with the jet-ski, accompanied by instructor ), parasailing (Unfortunately, the weather conditions were not favorable and we ended up riding the banana boat instead ) and *best of all* introductory scuba diving! It has always been 1 of my goals to pick up scuba diving one day ( Am currently taking swimming classes to improve my swimming techniques & to learn how to thread water. Yes, it’s such an embarrassment that I can barely survive in water! 😦  ) so this intro dive certainly provided us with a glimpse of what to expect from diving. Freaking exciting although I had a bit of difficulty trying to get accustomed to breathing from an oxygen tank!

Having said that, the view under the sea (only 5 – 8m in depth) was disappointing, to say the least. Pales in comparison to the more stunning views of the marine life in islands off Phuket/Phi Phi/Tioman. For those who might be interested in snorkeling/diving and have the luxury of time, I would certainly advise you to head offshore to nearby islands such as Nusa Lembongan and Menjangan Island, where you will be greeted by the magnificent view from down under!

Job done: Exposed to a new skill in another country (for more info).

Fed bread crumbs to the school of fishes and it felt so surreal to be surrounded by them at such a close proximity 🙂

Cheers to more diving adventures to come!

Spent the later half of the day pampering ourselves at Murano Spa (much thanks to the raves & recommendations at Flowerpod & TA). 4 entire hrs of Bliss & Relaxation – Balinese massage, Body scrub (lulur), wrap, flower bath, facial and hair treatment for 2 pax for only $100! What a fabulous steal!

We were served a hot cup of ginger tea (my fav!) and a plate of cookies to snack while soaking in the bath full of flower petals.

Day 3 came before we could even proclaim  “I love my getaway!”. Time flies! Our initial plan was to attend a beginner surfing class (Surfing always looks so cool in movies and shows!) however on second thought, it does seem a little pointless as we will probably never surf again till we visit a surfers’ beach on another vacation. Hence, time for us to lounge by the favorite part of our villa – THE POOL!

Bintang Beer for the Guy, Club Water for the Girl … and the rare occasion when we can go skinny-dipping in the pool without getting caught! Boy, the advantages of a private pool lol. F.R.E.E.D.O.M

One of the reason why we eventually settled for Bali over Phuket was because MK wanted to check out KU DE TA BALI as he is also in the nightlife entertainment industry. Frankly, I think the place is over-hyped and pretentious although I must admit that it scores brownie points for its ideal location – Right in front of the crashing waves. Can’t help but to agree that it’s extremely therapeutic to lay back and enjoy the soothing sounds of the waves whilst sipping a cocktail but that’s about it.

Spotted a rainbow pirate ship in the sky!

8 responses to “. valentine’s day in Bali .

  1. Hey, I blogged about Murano Spa too (http://youdecidelor.wordpress.com/2010/04/19/murano-salon-spa-seminyak-bali/). We loved it so much, we went back the very next day. Heh.

    PS. Am headed to Bali this coming Monday!

    • Hi babe 🙂

      Wow, awesome! Have fun in Bali. I’m pretty sure you will 🙂 Pls visit SOS if you have the time too. Food is a tad expensive but I heard that the sunset is amazing so you might wanna consider heading there for drinks! 🙂

      Yea, i first got to know about Murano Spa through flowerpod forum and later, did my research and realised that it’s highly raved in TA as well! Great place and it’s only a 5mins walk from our villa! Such a steal… we will probably have to pay $600-800 for 2 pax for 4hrs of blissful pampering in the spa in Singapore! lol.

  2. wow..i miss bali. Nice post with the details

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