. a brand new year … 2 wks late!

Considering that we are already 2 weeks into the new year, this post definitely comes too late. Oh well, better late than never. 🙂

1. Figure out my direction in life, be it personal or career
2010 was a “painful” year for me as I felt constantly lost and unsure of my direction in life. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, only to realise that at the end of 365 days, I’m still back to square one. There were many fleeting moments of happiness and excitement throughout the year but somehow, at the end of the day, the year seemed to have flown by without much accomplishments. Hopefully, 2011 (the start of a new decade) marks a new beginning where I’ll push myself to face up to more challenges, overcome these personal roadblocks and feel a sense of achievement. 2 weeks into 2011, and frankly, not much improvements made yet.

2. Stop doubting myself and start having more confidence in myself
Plagued with insecurity over the lack of direction in life and the occasional bouts of acne problems, I found my self-esteem spiraling downhill. This, in turn, not only affected my personal life but also, my general outlook in life for the most of 2010. Occasional low self-esteem that turns into unnecessary paranoia at times. Trust me, I know how miserable life can get when I indulge in the occasional self-inflicted blues and I’m a terrible bitch to live with when I get all cross and moody. Time for a change in mindset – To battle with this self-inflicted ‘inner demon’ and start learning to be truly contented with who I am and what I have again. Easier said than done, but wouldn’t it means that I’m giving up on myself if I don’t even attempt to change?

3. To stop procrastinating and start taking driving classes
Oh boy. Where do I even start? This is one goal that keeps appearing on my resolution list every year but also one that I’ve been procrastinating for the past 4 years! Will I allow this to happen again this year?

4. Learn a new skill, enroll for a course perhaps?
Been looking around for several courses from the different educational institutes since late last year and after much consideration, I think I might have found the ideal course that matches my needs. Time to start striking the balancing act between work and studies (amongst other commitments) soon.

5. Survive in water – Swim to survive!
If there’s 1 regret in my life … that is to not learn how to swim properly when I was younger. And I can jolly well bid farewell to my dreams of learning how to scuba dive if I don’t ever learn how to swim with confidence.

6. Volunteer regularly

I’m no sane (definitely not!) but I’ve to admit that my life seems more meaningful when I’m able to take some time out to volunteer.  It brought a smile to my face when 1 of the kid at the local family service centre that I volunteer with came up to me and gave me a bear hug. A tiny but significant gesture that stole my heart for that moment. Have already applied for a more regular volunteer stint with them, shall wait to see if my application is successful. Keeping my fingers crossed!

7. Shape Up
Discipline, discipline, discipline. No excuses (“Im too lazy” or “Too busy!”) shall be tolerated.


2 responses to “. a brand new year … 2 wks late!

  1. Here’s to a confident, adventurous, happy new year!!!

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