With the Lunar New Year fast approaching (in about 3wks!), I’m up to my neck in work as this festive season is our busiest period in the calendar year. Been putting in a lot more OT the past couple of weeks and feeling totally drained of energy at the end of a work day, so much so that all I look forward coming home to is my laptop and bed! Sad to say, my social life for this year (2011) has also been extremely unhealthy! 0 points! Moreover, the past couple of days spent at Serene’s upcoming store (I call it, her “baby”!) has given me a quick glimpse of what to expect when the time comes for my store to undergo a massive renovation. Yes, I’m expecting the renovation/upgrading experience to be nothing short of a hellish nightmare but it will be an opportunity that provides a steep learning curve for me. Gonna get ready to face and overcome a barrage of challenges and (probably) be a social hermit!

To escape from reality before the mayhem starts, the boy and I made an impulsive decision to book tickets for a short Valentine’s Day getaway to the island of Bali! Yes, play hard first, work hard later and play hard again! LOL. Bali, here we come!


Our humble abode in Bali – The Private Pool Villa! If only I could bring this tiny slice of heavenly paradise back to Singapore …




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