. frosty turns 1! .

Doesn’t it seems all fated that Frosty’s birthday also falls on our anniversary date? Such a pure coincidence, ain’t it? To welcome our little boy into adulthood, we got him a mini chocolate cake (specially for dogs) from the famous US Doggie Bakery!

Here’s to the little boy that …

Stole  our hearts upon first sight
Became the pesky little brother that Archie cannot live without
Destroyed everything that he could get his mouth on – from our slippers to doormat and even my bra, yes my bra!
Made all passers-by swoon with delight
Never failed to crack us up with his adorable antics, such as his ability to walk on his 2 hind legs!

No matter how much of a nuisance he can be at times, we still love him for he has added so much joy and meaning into our lives!

Not wanting Archie to feel jealous of the attention that his lil brother is receiving, we decided to let him join in the fun by getting him an apple-flavoured cake as well! And boy, did he gobbled his entire cake within seconds!

The Birthday Boy!

Our little bundles of joy & nightmare, Archie & Frosty!

2 responses to “. frosty turns 1! .

  1. hi steph! i visited little part 1 cafe today! 😀 haha thanks for your recommendation, i loved it! will blog about it soon (: happy anniversary & happy birthday to frosty! he’s so adorable! 😀 lovely blog you have (:

    • hi babe 🙂

      Happy New Year! 🙂 that’s awesome! I’m so glad that you enjoyed the place as much as I do… please blog about it. Actually, I still have pics of Little Part 1 that I’ve yet to blog about but man, too many backdated posts! Love your blog too, always make it a point to visit occasionally. 🙂

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