. 3rd Anniversary Dinner at DOZO .

A special occasion calls for a romantic place where we can dine, chat and reminisce about our journey together for the past 3 years. Personally, I am not big on fine dining as  I’m not one who appreciates spending so much money on small portions of food. In fact, the first place that came to mind was Melben Seafood restaurant, largely popular for its signature mouth-watering Crab Bee Hoon … just the perfect place to satisfy our cravings for succulent crab meat! On second thoughts, the flood of excellent and glowing reviews (based on 66 reviews, to be exact) of Dozo Restaurant on hungrygowhere.com attempted to sway my decision and after some persuasion from Serene (read her detailed review of Dozo here), we settled for Dozo as our choice to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary! Apparently, it seemed like we were not the only couple who had the same idea as we spotted at least 2 other couples celebrating their anniversary/birthday as well! Oh baby boy, what an original idea you have to propose that we should get together on New Year’s Day! :p

Considering that I’m never a foodie, I shall thus skip the part of providing ( to quote Evelyn) “fluffy food descriptions” and leave that to the many successful food bloggers that we have in the local scene. Alternatively, for those who might be keen to visit Dozo for that special occasion, do check out this site for the raves!

7-course New Year’s Degustation Dinner

Crunchy ‘Twig”-like Bread Sticks
MK loves these uniquely-shaped bread sticks so much that he devoured them within minutes!

Sour Plum Sorbet with crushed ice
To cleanse our palates and clear our taste buds. A very refreshing drink, indeed. I like it!

Chef’s Selection of Assorted Platter

Bite-size smoked salmon, scallop with pistachios and foie gras

Our favourite of the 3 starters was definitely the bite-size foie gras that simply melts in your mouth!

Cold Dish
Boy: Beef Tataki with Shaved Parmesan and Truffle Mayo Mosaic
Thin slices of beef that are left raw on the inside and only slightly seared on the circumference.

Girl: King Crab Claw Salad drizzled with Sesame Vinaigrette
Very flavourful vinaigrette salad sauce that compliments the crab meat and side greens. Despite having a difficult time trying to dig the meat out of the claw, my cravings for crab meat has been temporarily satisfied till we make a visit to Melben for its signature crab dishes!

Side Dish
Boy: Gratinated Escargots topped with Yuzu Butter

Delicious butter-coated escargots that mask the original ‘fishy’ acquired taste that might not suit everyone’s taste buds.

Girl: Foie Gras Chawanmushi topped with Black Truffle Slice
Love the rich flavour of this egg + foie gras fusion dish. Simply delish!

Boy: Japanese Miso Soup
In my opinion, this miso soup was nothing special to boost about.

Girl: Crab Bisque Cappuccino Style
Unlike many other creamy soups that I have tasted, Dozo’s signature crab bisque is extremely thick and is served in a coffee cup. As such, you are encouraged to drink this soup the way you do with a cup of cappuccino! How unique! I was immediately sold after having a mouthful of this sinfully rich bisque; certainly, 1 of the best that I have ever tried!

Boy: Baked Atlantic Cod Fillet
Interesting and funky taste … The cod fish tastes good (after all, it’s hard to go wrong with cod fish) but the fusion of cod fish and pastry (sweet) just didn’t suit my taste buds.

Girl: Beef Tenderloin on “Pu-Ye” and Granite Hot Stone
Although I’m already a huge fan of red meat (especially beef and lamb), I eventually settled for this signature dish based on Serene’s “must try” recommendation! Served on a sizzling hot stone, you get to cook the meat according to your preference (raw, medium or well-done… I like mine raw-medium!). Succulent and juicy, the beef tenderloin, served with some deep-fried garnish, was absolutely chewy and delectable. Full points for creativity!

Boy: Espresso Creme Brulee

Girl: Japanese “Mochi” served with Green Tea Ice Cream
Having tasted more heavenly desserts at KU DE TA (according to MK, KU DE TA has 1 of the best pastry chef) and Ministry of Food (love their array of sweet desserts), I would say that both the desserts were kinda a miss. Nothing much to shout about! Perhaps, I ought to give their famous warm chocolate lava cake a try the next time … hard to go wrong with chocolates!

Boy: Hot Roselle Rhythm
Girl: Iced Mallow Apple Melody
Interesting fusion of teas

Time for us to pen down our resolutions for the year of 2011! Will be keeping our respective list of resolutions in a time capsule (aka my drawer) and unveil it only in 01/01/2012! Yes, exactly a year from today. Will we be able to accomplish all our resolutions? Only time will tell …

Known for its impeccable services, Dozo has impressed many of its diners by going the extra mile in providing excellent services with a personal touch. As such, we were surprised and delighted when one of the staff observed that we brought a camera along and asked if we were celebrating any special occasion. We casually remarked that it was our anniversary and with that, he presented us with a complimentary banana muffin topped with whip cream! How lovely!

In spite of the fact that the restaurant was teeming with couples celebrating their anniversaries/New Year’s celebration, we were delighted to see that DOZO is spacious enough to provide each couple with sufficient privacy and personal space (I dislike going to restaurants that have tables just 30cm from one another!). For $69.80++/pax, I must admit that the dinner was certainly way more expensive than the average amount of money that we usually spend on a date. Nonetheless, for a once-a-year celebration, it was definitely money well-spent at this Japanese-French fusion restaurant that not only serves a delectable range of interesting food but is also beautifully decked in romantic decor and lighting!

Happy 3rd Anniversary! I love you, baby boy!

2 responses to “. 3rd Anniversary Dinner at DOZO .

  1. My dear, how is everything going with you? When are you guys plan to get married? I’m so happy for you! I’m graduating soon~~~ So excited

    • Hi Dear 🙂
      How are you!!! Yes, u will be graduating this summer right? how time flies, too fast in fact! still cannot believe that its been 2.5 yrs since we first met and became friends and room-mates!! marriage? long way to go la, not anytime soon :p

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