. Snippets of 2010 .

In just a blink of an eye, 2010 is fast approaching to an end as we prepare to usher into a brand new year – 2011! Time for me to sigh and exclaim my favourite phrase (for this time of the year), “How time flies!”. Will be spending a quiet New Year’s Eve this year enjoying the Nodame Live! Orchestra with my family before driving to Marina Bay and Mt Faber to people-watch & countdown! Off in a short while so here’s a summary of my year – 2010! Snippets of 2010.

Explore Singapore series

The first 3/4 of the year saw both MK and me taking the role of a tourist as we visited many different local places of attraction. However, now that MK is working night and weekends, finding the time to visit these hidden gems is becoming quite the challenge. In other words, I need to find a new buddy who’s up for anything! Any takers? lol.


Our love life has been quite a roller coaster ride of sorts this year, with many ups and downs. For the first half of the year, we were constantly arguing with each other over money talks … Financial constraints had put us in a very difficult situation and we often find ourselves having to make many compromises and/or sacrifices in order to make things work. Now that MK is in his new job, things are looking a lot brighter and optimistic. Needless to say, just like an ordinary couple, we had many tiffs over many minor and insignificant issues which made us ponder (at times) if we should continue with our relationship. Of course, along the way … we embarked on little adventures (that re-ignited the much needed sparks!) such as our “Explore Singapore” trips that brought us around our tiny island and our romantic photoshoots with both Eileen (A Morning at Wessex Estate) and Yen ( 33rd)!


A new addition to our family. A bundle of joy as his adorable antics never failed to keep us amused although I must admit that he’s also a nightmare to handle. Put Archie & Frosty together and it’s DOUBLE THE TROUBLE and TWICE the monthly expenses! Ouch.

6 months old Frosty before he came to join us

Our handsome boy turns 1 year old tomorrow … which is, coincidentally, our anniversary date! Like I always joked about, it is all fated that we adopted a dog, out of so many dogs, that has a birthdate that falls on our anniversary.

We were featured on the newspaper!
Archie‘s 15 seconds of fame.


– A beach getaway in Bintan where the love birds enjoyed views of the pristine beaches and crystal clear waters.
– Re-ignited our love life at the very romantic Tempat Senang, Batam
– Company retreat in Beijing, where my colleagues and I tackled the Great Wall of China and had a taste of something exotic – deep-fried scorpions!
– Learn to ride a horse with Nicky dear at Amigos Horse Riding in JB, Malaysia
– Explored the ruins of the Angkorian temples and were inspired by many of the Cambodians who have been through many hard and tough times in the recent decades

Visit our sponsor child in Cambodia

For the past year, both MK and I have been proud sponsors to our little Cambodian boy, Ple Sil. As child sponsors, we only have 2 simple goals – (1) To contribute to a monthly donation that goes to supporting Ple Sil’s education and (2) To visit Ple Sil and all the other lovely children at Kolap 4 Orphanage once a year. What can be more wonderful than visiting the children and seeing those smiles on their faces for yourself? 🙂  It’s a promise that I’ll be back again in 2011!

Sponsor A Dog
Joint-sponsors to a shelter dog at Gentle Paws Shelter although I must say that other commitments and priorities in life have made us less active than we really ought to be!



For someone who first eschewed the idea of blogging, it is certainly ironic to see  how blogging has now become such an important part of my life. It’s basically a virtual collection of my experiences, adventures and memories for the past 3 years. Sometime along this year, my tiny blog scored its first ever paid blog ad, got its own blog logo, started a new blog feature called ‘Plant A Dream’ though it went on a long hiatus as I was feeling very unmotivated and lost in the recent months, became an amateur photo-book for my exploration trips and hit 100,000 blog hits! Those aside, I must say that the greatest satisfaction of all comes from the very encouraging emails and comments that I have received from friends and readers. We all need a little motivation to get by and for that spur of ego boost and for me (when it comes to blogging), it’s really those words of encouragement from you guys! Thank you! 🙂

A comment from a reader that really made my day, “I love coming to your blog every now and then for new haunts to check out in Singapore. Besides 8 Days, your blog is the only other “media” where I could sniff out good stuff … I’m sorta using these few minutes to live vicariously through your posts.”

The Girl at the Traffic Light Junction blog logo

My first paid blog advertorial – For Puff Accessories!

A mini-feature on The Turtle Dove Project blog & other sites

‘The Girl at the Traffic Light Junction’ is a supporting friend for CozyCot’s 9th Birthday Bash!


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