. flying off in 8hrs’ .

In about 8hrs’ time, MK and I will be boarding the plane and flying to the beautiful country of Cambodia! Come to think of it, it’s been close to a year since I last had a “long” vacation and 2 years since the 2 of us actually enjoyed a vacation that lasts for more than 2 days ( not Bintan/Batam again!). Honestly, I simply cannot wait to cast all the work-related issues and problems aside and jump for joy, in anticipation for my trip! Friends have advised me to switch off my mobile phone so that I can remain uncontactable. Sounds very tempting! Till then, I’ll be spending the remaining hours rushing through work stuff and packing my luggage. Poor boy only ends work at 2am, which means he probably wouldn’t even be able to catch a wink till he boards the plane!

Au Revoir! Cambodia, here we come!



3 responses to “. flying off in 8hrs’ .

  1. Awesome! Have so much fun!!! And, yeah, if your cell still works in Cambodia, turn it off!!

  2. i might be planning to a trip to cambodia too! Cant wait to see ur photos! 🙂

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