. a special day for the birthday boy .

Here’s a short recap of the boy’s past few birthday celebrations. His 21st birthday bash back in 2007 marked the very first time that we met. His first impression of me? BAD. Unfortunately, I’m an extremely bad drinker with a low tolerance for alcohol and puked all over his arm when I couldn’t hold my liquor anymore. Well, not quite the ideal first impression after all right? 2008 – I was having the best times of my life in USA during my exchange semester in UB whilst he was back home, partying with his friends for his birthday. A year ago, I surprised him by treating him to a romantic night at Swissotel The Stamford and sponsored him an adrenaline-filled ride that he’ll never forget … The G-MAX Reverse Bungy which proved to provide the extra thrill for the boy who’s afraid of heights! So, what’s in store for this year?

In a nutshell, we played tourists for the day by visiting several local hot spots.

Started the day bright & early with a dining-in-the-wild breakfast experience that offered us the opportunity to “get close” to Singapore’s favorite primates, the Orang Utans, set  amidst the lush greenery of the Singapore Zoo. To protect both the visitors’ and animals’ welfare, we were forbidded to have any form of physical interaction with the animals. Nevertheless, it was truly fascinating to observe these captivating animals at close quarters. Displaying a close bond, not unlike that of human relationships, it was especially enthralling to watch how the primates interact with their zoo-keepers. It is not an uncommon sight to see the orang utans reaching out to hold the hands of their animal keepers or to get their keepers to give them a piggy back ride.

As memorable as the experience was, we, however, agreed that this program is quite a rip-off and that it was a little heart-wrenching to burn a small hole in our pockets for this.

A pictorial guide : A baby Orang Utan taking the baby steps to the road of Independence.

The highlight of the day!

A surprise birthday treat for the boy to dive with the (small-sized) whitetip and blacktip reef sharks and the myriad of colorful marine creatures at Underwater World. His first snorkeling trip in Tioman has left him with an extremely lasting and unforgettable underwater experience as he immersed in an incredible and mesmerizing marine terrain that was never seen above the ground. Considering the fact that it is often a requirement for one to be scuba-dive certified prior to participating in a dive, this dive guide-led program at UWS is the ticket for a non-diver to be fully submerged in the alluring and fascinating marine world. And, for 30 minutes, the boy was lost to the wonders of the (man-made) ocean and was constantly in awe of the school of tropical fishes swimming around him, the groups of stingrays and eagle rays hovering about, and of course, coming face to face with the reef sharks!

Ending the night (and an extremely exhausting day) at somewhere magical, in a land, far far away …
where we were treated to an impressive fireworks display.


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