. look what i received in the mail #5 .

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for all the lovely comments and warm wishes that certainly made our day(s) … well, weeks! It’s truly touching to hear from so many of you from all over the world and to know that I’m able to do a tiny part in this little corner of the cyberspace by providing some interesting blog reads! I appreciate every little comment, thank you!  🙂

Lately, I’ve been suffering from what I call an overdose of an exchange of packages. Granted, the amount of snail mail that I receive in a week might even be lesser than what some might receive in a day, however, I’m slowly feeling that I’m losing the sense of joy that comes along with the swaps. My interest in snail mails and putting together a fun-filled package of pretty trinkets and crafts was what that first brought me to swap bot … But somewhere along the way, I got distracted and tend to focus more on the destination rather than the journey. With that, I took a short hiatus from SB and concentrated on my first snail mail love, Postcrossing! Since I don’t have the luxury of time (and money) to travel around the world (yet), I shall bring travel to me instead. Postcrossing – Postcards traveling around the world.

Postcards from Around the World
Here are some of the postcards that I’ve received in the past couple of weeks

Postcard on the left: Hei (“Hello” in Finnish) from Finland. The picture shows a very common road sign in Finland.
Postcard on the right: Greetings from Germany!

A handmade postcard from Finland

Ciao from the Eternal City of Rome, Italy

Hoi (“Hello” in Dutch)  from Amsterdam! This picture is taken from one of the illustration of a classic dutch school book.

Greetings from USA! Here’s a postcard sent by 1 of my pen-pal, Maria! Located at the east of Nebraska (USA), Chimney Rock is one of the most recognizable landmarks of the American West.


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