. today is world animal day .

World Animal Day
is celebrated every 4th October of the year to acknowledge the importance of animals on this planet and celebrate animal life. In recognition of this international occasion, the local newspaper (The Straits Times) has dedicated a whole page of tributes at the Pets Corner for readers to express their appreciation and affections to their pets. So, here it is … A tiny feature of my tribute to Archie in the papers.

On this note, I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce Gentle Paws & Friends . Founded by a group of passionate volunteers, this shelter is now home to an estimated 40 dogs. As with most animal welfare organizations, Gentle Paws is always in need of help and for new people to join its pool of volunteers. Have some free time at hand? Why not consider volunteering with Gentle Paws for some of its programmes – Bring the lovable dogs out on an excursion to the beach on Furry Day, Jump onto its Pledge-A-Walk (PAW) programme and pledge to walk a dog on a regular basis, or simply just help out with the housekeeping and maintenance at the shelter? Life’s too busy and hectic as it already is? How about parting with a small sum of money each month to sponsor a shelter dog?Sponsor a minimum of $10/month and give a dog the chance to lead a better life. To find out more about its different programmes, please visit
Gentle Paws & Friends.

* pic from gentle paws blog


12 responses to “. today is world animal day .

  1. Aw, so sweet – there’s nothing like our animal friends & how awesome you got your own animal tribute into the paper! 🙂

    • Hi 🙂

      Thank you so much. I totally agree that animals provide such unconditional love and companionship that simply cannot be measurable. I always say that as much as both Archie and Frosty can be quite a nightmare to deal with, the bottom line is that I cannot be more blessed to have them both in my life 🙂

  2. awwww this is so sweet!! Archie looks so adorable~

    • Hi Mariska 🙂

      Thanks! Wait till you see Frosty … most of my girlfriends go ga-ga over him. Having said that, I love Archie too … he hates to leave me out of his sight and loves to follow me wherever i go. My family calls him the emotional baby because frankly, he’s quite emo! :p

  3. Aw that is so sweet! And you both look so cute in the photo!

  4. Awesome! Every day is animal day at our house, I worship our kitties! XX!

    • Hi dear 🙂

      Yes, likewise. I worship both my dogs too… Now that I have them, I cannot imagine a life without my dogs. Life would be utterly miserable! 😦

  5. Love the pic of Archie & you. really captures the love between u and him.

    My mum has a phobia for dogs, and she somehow have made me alil scared of dogs too.. but dogs are so cute!!!

    • Hi dear:)

      I always credit that picture to MK… good shot, as he was able to capture the loving moment between Archie and me. Oh, then you probably wouldn’t want to come to my house. Archie tends to scare people because he likes to bark at strangers and he’s medium sized so people usually get terrified at him! On the other hand, Frosty is a favourite because he’s smaller in size and looks utterly adorable. Having said that, he’s quite a rascal too and there’s no one else that he likes to bully other than poor Archie. Lol.

  6. Oh how exciting that you are in the paper! And you are bringing light to a very important issue too, gentle paws and friends sound like they are doing great work.

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