. 33rd .

In celebration of our 33rd month, MK and I decided to embark on an adventure like none other that we had experienced. This time round, we are no longer the amateurs who are out to explore a tiny rustic part of Singapore through the camera lens. On the contrary, we have become the subjects of our first experiment with couple photography. Yen’s whimsical photography blog,
Vanilla Minuet , is one of my essential blog read whenever I need my daily dose of pictorial inspiration. As such, I was elated and jumping for joy when she offered to be our photographer for the day! Thanks Yen, you did a fantastic job and we truly love all the pictures! ♥

In our attempt to capture the beautiful yellow hues of the morning sunlight, the poor boy had to rush home from work at 6am, get ready by 7am so that we can head out for an early morning of fun and snap shots at the Bukit Timah Saddle Club. My initial fears of appearing too unnatural in front of the camera were uncalled for as we ended up embracing spontaneity! On this note, I’d just like to say that our relationship is far from being perfect/flawless … like every journey, ours isn’t one without any trying moments (long distance relationship for a semester, the countless of heated arguments, reckless decisions which I’m truly ashamed of and could have cost me the r/s, moments where we were close to breaking up ) … whoever said that being in a relationship is easy must be lying. But I’ll try to take it all, the ups & downs.

Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.
. Rose Franken .

* Warning: A post with an overdose of pictures

* Our mistake: It’s supposed to read “Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours“.


41 responses to “. 33rd .

  1. hey Steph! rmr me? your junior! 🙂
    I’m a regular visitor of vanilla minuet and I was so surprised to see your face! 🙂
    How are you? We should catch up sooon!! During my school holidays or something! Hope you’re doing awesome!!
    much misses.

    • Hi Gwen 🙂

      What a small world! Of course, I rmr you! 🙂 I love this whole blogging community… somehow, ive actually managed to find long lost friends and re-connect with them through blogs.

      Where are you studying at right now? im assuming it has to be one of our local uni right? Sure, let’s meet up! Are you still in contact with the rest? If so, ask them along too! 🙂

  2. Bonjour ! Thank you for visiting our little blog ! Your photos are amazing. I love all the colors & you guys look absolutely adorable together.

    • Hi 🙂

      Thank you for your compliments, I really do appreciate it 🙂 I love this series of couple pictures too. So much so that I can’t wait to do another one sometime next year!

      Much credit has to be given to our photographer for being able to capture us in such great lighting and shots.

  3. These are just beautiful!!! You’ve got to be so excited to have them.

    You guys are so natural in front of the camera and I love all the props (& your skirt!!!)
    Happy 33rd month. 🙂

    • Hi Molly 🙂

      Thank you so much for your compliment and warm wishes! Likewise, I think having the props play such an important role in the photoshoot too. The photographer did an excellent job in her selection of the props and guess what? she bought the bulk of it for only $2/piece from a budget store! how cool is that right?

  4. Hello thankyou so much for the comment.
    I do indeed email me if you want to discuss commisions on jaymie89(@)live.co.uk these photos are great and would be ace to work from aswell!

  5. I love this photos!! They are lovely!!!


  6. nice!!! im smothered….~~~~~
    rainbows and bubbles in the photos too. wondering how yen did it!!!! 😡

  7. Aw, congratulations on 33 months! These are so lovely 🙂 Thank you so much for dropping by – I love meeting new bloggers and thrilled it led me back to your sweet blog!

  8. oh my goodnesss! these pictures are gorgeous! I need to take amazing pictures like this with my fiance aswell:)!! and answer to your question: yep your totally right! wedges fit so much better and walk way much better than heels.. your feet have more support that way.. 🙂 I love wedge shoes.. I wish I could find more pretty wedges that aren’t that expensive! have good week!



  9. OH MY DEAR. Can you be any cuter?! I love these photos of you and your sweetie! You guys look SO happy and in-love!!!!

    Congrats on your 33 months! May there be many more months to come! 😀

  10. aww, these photos are beyond cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog – hope you enjoy what’s to come !

  11. Dearest Steph, this is such a lovely and soo very sweet post! It made me smile and warm my heart! Congratz on your anniversary!! I could totally relate to your relationship of far from being perfect/flawless…i think that is part of the bitter sweetness in a relationship. 🙂 You are soo beautiful and these photos are gorgeous! Thank you so much for visiting me on my little bubble space and lead me here to your very inspiring space! So happy and gald i found you today. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you and yours!

  12. Oh…how sweet these photos are! Your blog is wonderful and looking forward to viewing more posts! Thank you for visiting!!

  13. Congratulations on your 33rd month dear! This is such a sweet and lovely photoshoot. May there be many more wonderful months to come! (:

  14. I love these pictures SOOOO much! Someday I hope to do something like this. You guys do look natural and like you’re having so much fun. So romantic. Don’t worry, nobody has a perfect relationship. Love, compassion and patience sure help. And i bet photoshoots such as these do too!!!

  15. These are adorable! Great photography! How wonderful to have this time in your life captured forever with pictures!

  16. This looks sooo fun! You’re gorgeous my dear! (:

  17. Hi All,

    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments and warm wishes that certainly made our day(S) or may I even say, for the weeks to come! It’s truly touching to hear from so many of you from all over the world and to know that I’m able to do a tiny part in this little corner of the cyberspace by providing some interesting blog reads!

    Thank you all.

  18. These photos are amazing! You are both adorable! 😀

    x Jasmine

  19. Great images 🙂

  20. hi, lovely photos, so soft and flattering. stopping by from amanda & don round the world satruday!

  21. Hi there! Stopping by from amanda and don’s round the world Saturday! Beautiful pictures looks like you both had a fun day!
    Here from Germany!

  22. Your photos are absolutely adorable! The photography is amazing. Thanks so much for stopping by and introducing me to your blog. It’s wonderful and I’ll definitely be following along 🙂

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

  23. You guys are too adorable! Definitely not a photo overdose, I loved it, made me so happy! XX!

  24. These are so gorgeous 🙂

  25. the photos are so beautiful & fun, i loooved looking at them! you look amazing together!

    kisses! http://www.sweetfancytreat.com/

    p.s. i currently have a giveaway going on, come enter if you like 🙂

  26. this is amazingly cute! lovely and cute pictures. makes me smile just by looking at the happy, loving, sunshine, cutenss is these photos (:

  27. These photos are gorgeous! You guys are completely adorable. Such a sweet little photo shoot and will make for some wonderful photos for your wall 🙂

    And thanks again for your wonderful comment! It was great to hear your experiences too!!

  28. fuzzygreenlights

    Congrats love! You’re really pretty! (:

    & the photos are just awesome! Now I feel like having a couple photoshoot by Yen too!

  29. told ya, blogging is a great way to express yourself as well as re-connect and get updated. hehe

    continue to enjoy blogging! love your blog to bits

  30. i love them all! they are too cute darling.


  31. Aw, what a super fun photoshoot!!! You both look so happy!

  32. SO SWEET! I’m so uber jealous!!

  33. Oh my gosh Steph! These photos are BEAUTIFUL! I love everything about them — how gorgeous the both of you look, the sweetness oozing, the cute balloons and blackboard… Gosh, and the editing and colours… Amazing! How do you describe such colours and muted effect? I love the photos so much that I saved the PG’s site immediately.

    Seeing your happy photos make me miss photoshooting a lot! Every relationship has to undergo some kinda challenge. If everything were rosy all the way, both parties wouldn’t grow from it.

  34. I love the pictures.

    Stay as sweet and blissful always!

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