. weekly feature: plant a dream #3 .


I had a dream – to show the world the beautiful colors of emotions on the big movie screen of life.
Along the way…
I danced my first self-choreographed dance in front of the entire school and dreamt of being a dancer.
I joined singing schools and dreamt of being a singer.
I was scouted by producers, did acting, and dreamt of being an actor.
I started writing songs, recorded them, and dreamt of being a composer.

I spent my last university term on an exchange program in Shanghai, so that I could get away from the rat race of jobs application blah bloo blah, and really think about what I want to do with my life. I was thinking, after realizing everyone else’s dream for me; perhaps…just perhaps, it’s time for me to do something about my own dream. By that time, I had neatly summed up my dream –

To become an all-rounded artiste, who can sing, dance, act and compose. I’d paint emotions and stories with my voice, my craft.

– Val –
co-founder of I believe that dreams can come true

Website: Plant A Dream


2 responses to “. weekly feature: plant a dream #3 .

  1. These are truly beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Mississippi, through Saturday around the world.

  2. And I so meant to comment on your most recent post–don’t know how I ended up leaving it on this post on accident!

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