. the long weekend .

The ideal of a long weekend for me would be to either take a short break & travel overseas or to spend the days exploring the rustic places of attraction in Singapore (St John island/Pulau Ubin anyone?). Unfortunately, due to my facial laser treatment ( the skin tends to be very sensitive after laser treatments and thus, it is not advisable to be exposed to the scorching sun), the long weekend turned out to be a self-imposed stay-at-home weekend. Oh well, a reason for me to get in touch with my homely side i guess! Much of the weekend was spent watching television programmes (Oh! What will I ever do without cable TV?) & dvds, taking long strolls with the boy and the dogs in the evening, completing the finishing touches for the “Plant A Dream” weekly blog feature and believe it or not, I actually cooked! Well, I exclaimed out loud because you have to know that I’m actually a total lazy bum when it comes to cooking.

The Oscar-nominated and much acclaimed movie, Julie & Julia, inspired the cooking spirit in us to rise from within as we whipped up a couple of self-proclaimed mouth-watering & scrumptious dishes – Golden deep-fried prawns dipped in wasabi mayo sauce (I admit though, we had to refer to a recipe for this particular dish) and  ratatouille, the perfect healthy vegetable stew!

Deep fried prawns dipped in wasabi mayo sauce
And, get this! In the name of adding spice to our romance, I decided to surprise the boy on Sat night by whipping up a simple dish of baked lemon salmon (again, based on a random recipe i found online) and oyster mushroom in HP sauce. If my memory doesn’t fail me, this is the very FIRST time that I’m actually putting on the apron and cooking something from scratch ( no more cheating = microwave or ready-to-eat TV meals) for someone. Inevitably, I couldn’t be more proud of myself & kept questioning MK incessantly if the food was to his liking. Of course, I wouldn’t take “NO” for an answer … :p


A day at the Beach with the Dogs

The rule for the aftermath of laser treatments is to never be out in the sun. And, I broke the rule and made an exception … Twice! Of course, that came with a sacrifice too because I ended up looking like a complete weirdo with my huge hat and sunglasses at the beach. Pictures of dogs frolicking on the beach and making a dive to the welcoming waves reflect such a blissful portrayal of a dog’s happiness/contentment that it makes me want to bring both Archie & Frosty on an excursion to the beach. The only and main problem was that neither of us drive. Yes, it all boils down to driving again. Hence, for all dog outings, we always have to trouble my dad to be the chauffeur for the day. Thanks Dad! 🙂

Back to the topic, we brought the dogs to the nearest beach at Sembawang not once but twice because the first attempt was an absolute failure. We were barely there for 10mins when it started pouring heavily. Being the fools that we were, we conveniently left the umbrellas back in the car boot and ended up looking like clowns as all of us were drenched from head-to-toe. Though, I have to admit that our 4-legged companions seemed to be having a ball of fun frolicking in the rain! Needless to say, the rain was such a bummer and it kind of ruined my mood for the early part of the day but I was persistent in bringing them out to the beach soon again.

Thankfully, the weather was on our side during our second visit to the beach. We waddled into the shallow waters and taught the dogs how to swim which, by the way, is such a stark irony as I am not confident of swimming in the open sea.
Archie is a natural when it comes to swimming but he likes to bark so much that he swallowed huge gulps of water while swimming. Bad move, very bad indeed. The sea water made Archie so queasy and uncomfortable that he puked out nothing but water during our return ride home! :/ On the other hand, Frosty exhibited signs of nervousness throughout the entire time  and very much preferred running on the sandy shores. What’s our conclusion? That as much as we envision the perfect doggie date out at the beach, reality told us otherwise.


A Good Year

A Good Year is a light-hearted & endearing movie that makes an individual question about one’s identity and the pursuit of happiness. It’s fundamentally back to the simple question – Are we contented in life? A reminder to living life to the fullest aside, watching this movie is almost similar to watching a travelogue of the idyllic wine-making countryside of Provence. The stunningly breathtaking and scenic scenery of Provence provides just the perfect excuse to escape from the reality and wander off to this quaint and rustic vineyard to bask in the calmness of the countryside. It certainly sounds idealistic but who doesn’t yearn for that once in awhile? A toast to the good life!

Postcards from Provence, France








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  1. ayee the dogs are soo cute!

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