. the flea experience .

Edited Post

Just returned from the flea market but I’ll have to head to a nursing home in a bit for a work-related community service project. To summarize the past 4 hrs of my Saturday:

Limited Edition Earrings: Only 20 pieces of the earrings were available and all were sold out by the time I got to the booth. Why only 20 pieces?
Sales: $1 from the sale of a retro ring that I bought from BKK for 60cents. So, profit from the sale of the ring amounts to 40 cents.
Purchase: $6 rainbow ring that I bought from CC
Total Deficit: $19

* new purchase: rainbow ring

How’s that for my first attempt as a flea market “stall holder”? Extremely pathetic & disappointing, to say the least. The turnout for the event was extremely poor, probably less than 100 people turned up. Lack of publicity? Perhaps, considering the fact that we expected a lot more out of this event. Nevertheless, let’s not point the finger at the organizers. Of course, having the company of Soy, CC, her lil’ sister and some of my long-lost friends helped take the focus away from the fact that I WAS NOT SELLING ANYTHING ELSE other than a ring! The distraction was much needed & appreciated. Haha. On a more encouraging note, I saw quite a number of familiar faces, re-connected with some of them (not all) and of course, it all ended with the inevitable exchange of contact numbers. Will this lead to more catch up sessions? Only time will tell.


Today marks the day that I’ll lose my virginity. My virginity to setting up a flea market stall, that is. Got you there, didn’t I? It’ll be a joint attempt with good pals & fellow Crescentians, CC & Soy at our secondary school alumni event. It’s 8am in the morning and I have to be at the venue at 12noon to assist in the set-up. And, guess what? There is only 4 more hrs to go and I have yet to make a decision about the pre-loved clothes that I want to sell. Been so busy with work and attending events the past week that I barely had the time to sort through the growing pile of stuff in my wardrobe.

As mentioned, this is my first attempt at flea so frankly, I’m not quite sure what to expect either. If all else fails (meaning no profits or worst, no sales), I suppose the least that I can get out of this flea experience is to get my hands on that extremely cute limited edition earrings modeled after our school uniform. How adorable!


4 responses to “. the flea experience .

  1. Awesome!! A flea is really fun Hun, I hope u have a blast!

    • HAHA. as you can probably tell from the edited post, fun is the last word to describe my first flea experience. having said that, i however have to admit that it was good to have re-connected with some long-lost friends whom i haven’t kept in touch with since graduation. i would prob do it all over again, only if there’s no rental stall charge lol.

  2. i wish i could have gone to the event!! =( i miss the good ol’ days haha.

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