. a blog button .

I just created this blog button out of boredom!


5 responses to “. a blog button .

  1. cute! my blog needs some revamping and some buttons… someday when i win some more time!

    • thanks heather! 🙂

      it’s always an issue with time, isn’t it? likewise, there are lots of stuff that I wanna do too but it’s always a matter of time… and well, procrastination. :p

  2. I like it! would you want me to link to your blog with this button? Anyway dear, remember I said I wanted to start writing a blog? Well, tadah! I’m launching my blog officially now. Here’s the 2 minute pitch:

    My site, radliving.wordpress.com is my platform to share what I learn about the world everyday, in the hopes that it will motivate & inspire other like-minded female entrepreneurs!

    So there you go – I’ve linked you, and I hope you’ll link me too 🙂

    Much LOVEEE!

    • Hi!

      So, you decided to start a blog! Welcome to the club! Well, you have a short introduction, which I just realised that I don’t. Anyway, remember to concentrate on your focus – to write for oneself and gain self-satisfaction through writing/blogging. 🙂

      PS: you can use the blog button at the side widget instead, at the top right hand corner. It’s in thumbnail size because I cannot fit the medium size button in the widget column too.

  3. PS: hun, i tried using your image to link you but it can’t be resized so it looks stretched. how do you resize your button??

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