. sembawang colonial estate .

2 weeks ago, we, along with our 2 4-legged boys, had a lovely stroll around the very quaint Wessex Estate. Last week, it was a trip to another colonial estate at Sembawang. Located near the Sembawang Wharves, this entire estate is home to many black/white colonial buildings.

Please just take a look at how excited Frosty is! There is simply nothing else that he prefers than to put his head out of the car window, enjoy the natural breeze and people/vehicle-watch. It fascinates me to watch him so mesmerized by the captivating sights and sounds of life outside of home.

I hate to be photographed with my spectacles (I look like a nerd.) but this picture is simply hilarious and it cracks me up!

The 2 lead characters in our lives: Archie & Frosty

A quick glance at the road signs and somehow, you can’t help but feel that you’ve been magically transported to another country. Montreal Drive. Canada Road. King’s Avenue.
Surely, all these road names do not bear much similarity to the usual road names in Singapore (e.g Jalan something/road named after a successful Chinese businessman)? It doesn’t come as a surprise that all these huge idyllic bungalows were once home to the British naval officers who worked at the nearby British Naval Base. Built during the Colonial era, rental for these charming bungalows start from SGD$10,000/month. Talk about expensive living!

At the first sighting of dusk, it was time for us to bid farewell & say Adiós … Till our next doggie outing!


8 responses to “. sembawang colonial estate .

  1. Aww, aren’t they cute! I like how Ottawa and Bermuda just cross right into each other! Have you always lived in Singapore?

    re: your comment, we don’t really have four seasons here, it’s more like one long winter! I think I would take one long summer over this, but that’s because I’m from California originally and get way too cold way too easily!

    • Hi Heather 🙂

      Yes, other than the occasional vacations, I’ve always lived in Singapore. Having said that, I did study in Buffalo,NY for a semester and it was such an enriching experience. I love the weather in California. It’s cooling and just nice. In Singapore, the temperature gets as high as 35 degree Celsius!

  2. Such cute doggies! I want a small one like that when I graduate in two years. 🙂 And thank you for the comment on the tattoo. I’m happy that you’re satisfied with yours! I have one tattoo already and I don’t regret it at all, that’s why I decided to make the second one for my boyfriend. And as for the pain, for me it was terrible! I hope this time it’s a bit less drastic! 🙂


    • Hi there 🙂

      Yea, I’m pretty sure that it will be less painful the second time round. But, don’t you agree that the pain involved is part of the process of getting a tattoo? It makes the whole experience of getting a tattoo so unforgettable … the decision to choose a design (for mine, i tattoo an Italian phrase – La Vita E Bella), the process of having needles poking into your skin and finally, the result!

  3. I love those colonial style houses!!! Whenever my bus passes by daily, i wish i could own or stay in 1 of this houses there..

    Really a beauty. =)

    • I didn’t know that you knew about the colonial houses at Sembawang too! My parents used to bring us there pretty often in the past and like you, i really wished that one day, I could just call a house there my home. However, my heart now belongs to another estate – Wessex Estate! It’s so quaint and laidback and I absolutely love it! You ought to visit Wessex someday, dear.

      • Where is wessex near to? I will love to go and take a look…
        I hope such places can stay for long and not get demolish for some other urban developments.

    • it’s near holland village, at postdown road! there’s only one bus that goes there as it is not quite accessible.

      i posted pictures of the estate awhile back – the place where eileen took pics of mk and me and where we brought the dogs for a stroll the week before we brought them to sembawang. 🙂

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