. look what i received in the mail #3 .

A “Simpson” postcard from Jen from Florida
Thanks for sharing with me one of your all-time favourite quote. Likewise, I’m a quote addict too.

My new pen-pal, Kay, hails from Christchurch, New Zealand!
Swap bot has definitely introduced me to many artistic & creative people and Kay is no exception. She finds much joy & pleasure in cooking and crafting and hopes that one day, she will be able to publish her very own cookbook. Wow! Your scenic postcards of NZ certainly come in handy as I intend to visit NZ sometime in the near future. Thank you!


2 responses to “. look what i received in the mail #3 .

  1. Yay! I love sharing in your mailbox love 🙂 Am on my long two-day journey home about now, and know I have some goodies waiting for me, too! Can’t wait. Snail mail is the best, and I’ve been missing out on it all these years. It is, of course, crazy expensive to mail things to/from where I live… so it makes it all the more loving!

    • omg, yes … it’s expensive to mail international items! My boyfriend thinks I’m insane to spend an increasing amt of money on swap bot items and postage. Sometimes, i can spend up to around $10 on postage stamps on a single trip to the post office. Nonetheless, I like to make one’s day so if that’s what it takes, then shall it be! 🙂 I’m sure that you’ll be greeted with lotsa mailbox goodies upon your arrival home too!

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