. the countryside with our dogs .

It was a lovely and glorious Sunday evening. With a perfect and cooling weather that’s hard to come by (it’s been pouring too often lately), the boy and I decided that this calls for the perfect excuse to bring our four-legged boys out for a stroll and also, to bask in the outdoor air. A couple months back, we visited the quaint and charming estate of Wessex– a colonial black/white residential estate which we hope to call home someday – that is simply so endearing and enchanting that we made a return visit, this time with my parents and our dogs in tow.

A picture of sheer excitement and anticipation as they hopped onto the car for a ride

Sights of the tranquil and laid-back neighborhood of Wessex Estate

The look of pure exhaustion after a long stroll around the grounds of the estate. I really ought to stop procrastinating (something that I’ve been doing for the past 5 yrs!) and start taking driving classes so that I can play chauffeur  to my dogs soon … To bring them to pet cafes, to the beach for some sun, sand and fun, to the dog runs where they can run and roam free … sometimes, MK and I cannot help but feel that we are slaves to our dogs lol.


6 responses to “. the countryside with our dogs .

  1. your dogs are gorgeous & so are the rest of your photos! 😀

  2. the ones of the block numbers and names are so good!

  3. I love that estate! And your pictures are lovely ♥

    • thanks mag! 🙂 yes, pls do visit wessex estate if you can! it’s near portsdown road. trust me, it’s such a beautiful place, unlike many of the estates in Singapore.

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