. A day at Universal Studios .

Well, what can I say? I love amusement/theme parks, with a capital L. Needless to say, my most magical experiences were in Disneyland (USA) & Disneysea (Japan) – Disney theme parks truly live up to its expectation of being the Happiest Place on Earth – where I couldn’t help but to feel like a kid again, grinning from ear to ear as I made my way through as many of the disney-themed attractions and rides. However, when it comes to the adrenaline rush, nothing beats my experience at Darien Lake theme park, NY where my friends and I conquered many of the thrilling and incredible roller coasters.

Anyhow, imagine my excitement and thrill when I first heard that Genting group will be bringing Universal Studios right to our shores! πŸ™‚ Fantastic! As much as I was supportive of Kerzner CapitaLand’s proposed plan to build Atlantis Sentosa (Have you seen the “out-of-the world” pictures of Atlantis Paradise Island & Atlantis The Palm? Both resorts are incredibly groundbreaking!), part of me however, really wanted a theme park that we can finally call our own. I guess this statement is something that most Singaporeans would agree too. As such, 2010 marks the year when Escape Theme Park finally gave way to the bigger and more awesome Universal Studios Singapore (USS).

With the massive amount of media coverage and hype surrounding USS, it’s inevitable that the majority of us intend to visit the much talked-about theme park. Hence, a trip to USS was on top of Sara’s “Must Do” list during her trip back to Singapore. Unfortunately, the adrenaline-pumping Battlestar Galatica roller coaster was still closed at that point of time but how can I say NO to my best friend right? :p

Universal Studios Singapore, here we come!

The 3 excited “kids” – Sara, Hui Lun & Me

Our first ride of the day: The King Julien’s Party carousel in Madagascar
Doesn’t this merry-go-round ride brings back childhood memories?

The most magical zone: Far Far Away
Ride of the zone – Shrek 4-D Adventure

Get ready for The Lost World
Best ride – Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. But, be warned that this is a ride where you will definitely get wet .. and depending on the seats you sit, you might just get totally drenched just like MK and me. Thankfully, it was our 2nd last ride of the day andΒ  looking utterly disheveled didn’t matter any more.

WaterWorld water extravaganza

Ancient Egypt
Get ready to be transported back in ancient time, when the pharaohs once ruled the mysterious world that’s known for its pyramids and mummies.

Since the Batterstar Galatica ride is down, the next best ride goes to The Revenge of the Mummy. An indoor roller coaster that is set in total darkness, this ride brings you through an unexpected adventure of sharp maneuvers,Β  sudden reverse, 80 degree turns and fiery fireballs as you fight your way to save your soul.

New York, New York & the home to celebrities, Hollywood

Though not as exciting as the other zones, the New York and Hollywood belts are, however, my favourite zones as I personally feel that it’s here where Magic comes to Live.

What a memorable day to end our last date of the year… Till you return again, Sara dear!

After bidding farewell to Sara & Hui Lun, MK & I made our way to the Rock-n-Roll themed drive-in cafe, Mel’s Drive-In, for a quick bite. In fact, Mel’s Drive-In reminded us very much of Pop Tate’s soda restaurant from Archie Comics! Obviously, we are 2 avid fans of Archie Comics.

Vintage Cars on exhibit

Having visited both Universal Studios in USA & Japan, USS certainly pales in comparison – size of the park and its attractions. Nevertheless, the great company and the whole amusement park vibe made up for the lack of exciting attractions in many ways. In fact, I enjoyed my time so much that I’ve already made plans to visit USS Hollywood After Hours with some of my gfs to catch the Lake Hollywood Spectacular!

To add to that, it has always been a dream of mine to go on an amusement park date and this trip to USS together with MK definitely means a tick off my checklist. Holding hands as we battled our way through the curse in Ancient Egypt, getting totally drenched after surviving from Jurassic Park, and strolling hand-in-hand as we made our way down romantic Hollywood Boulevard … Nothing but unforgettable memories that I’ll always cherish. Somehow, I’ve a strong feeling that this date only serves to mark the beginning of many more amusement park dates to come. And, let’s just say that I’m totally looking forward to more jaw-dropping rides like Dodonpa in Japan, Kingda Ka in 6 Flags and Tower of Terror in Dreamworld. Up for it, baby boy? Lol.

PS: On this ending note, I would also like to say Thanks to a friend of mine who’s working at USS for giving us free express tickets! It was because of his act of kindness that we managed to skip the long queues at Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure & our 2nd attempt at The Revenge of the Mummies.Β  πŸ™‚

ps: I’m really addicted to Swap Bot now.


8 responses to “. A day at Universal Studios .

  1. looks like you had a fantastic and FULL day! I bet your feet were tired πŸ™‚

    and welcome to swap-bot hope you enjoy it as much as I do πŸ™‚

    april-rainbowafterrain81 blog me, baby swap

  2. omg i was JUST looking through our USS pics couple hours ago!!

    p.s. u get my emails? =)

    • Telepathy! seriously, we can totally read each other’s mind. Anyway, yes… I’ve received your email. However, been so busy lately that I havent got the chance to get back to you. Will do so soon, babe!

  3. u go theme park also look so glam.. hehe

  4. I’m SUCH a sucker for theme parks. They just make me smile. In fact, I’m considering running my first half marathon in the Disney Princess Run because you get to run through the Magic Kingdom & Epcot center! I think that might keep me going!!

    • Hi Molly!

      Likewise, I LOVE theme parks, all sorts of theme parks. Unfortunately, we dont have that many in Singapore. 2 to be exact. It’s different for you though! Anyway, I think having a half marathon in Disney is amazing. I’m not that huge on marathons but if we were to have one in Disney or Universal Studio, I might have consider too. You should really go for it! πŸ™‚

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