. a WILD night in orchard towers .

Bored of the usual birthday celebrations in restaurants, the girls decided it’s about time that the boys deserve a twist to the usual (boring) “Let’s get the birthday girl/boy a cake!” routine and instead, get a night that they will never forget! With that thought in mind, we finally settled on a night of madness and fun at a certain place that’s a hit amongst the ladyboys. Yes, there’s nowhere else that’s more famous for its ladyboys than Orchard Towers. It’s party time and we were all out to celebrate in our party props – Huge Party Specs and Sequins Bow Tie for the birthday boys! I wanted to get rainbow colour wigs for the boys, but the rest thought that’s just too crazy and absurd so perhaps, another time.

Living up to its reputation as the place to be for ladyboys, we spotted freaking hot and gorgeous “ladies” at every corner of the mall! Our first stop was “Crazy Horse” nightclub where we were treated to a sight of ladies and “ladies” gyrating and pole-dancing sexily to the music. Not satisfied with what we had seen thus far, zn’s buddy who’s familiar with Orchard Towers, then brought us over to another transsexual themed club, ROMEO. Romeo, Oh Romeo. OMG! The club was overcrowded with ladyboys … and immediately, it dawned upon us girls that we were probably the only 3 ladies there. Everyone else was perfectly manicured – C-cup boobs, long, silky and voluminous hair, endlessly long and slender legs and of course, all dressed in mini-dresses/skirts that enable them to flaunt their voluptuous figures … In short, the ideal figure that most ladies would die for. Nonetheless, we couldn’t help but felt extremely awkward and uneasy with so many pairs of eyes staring back at us. After all, boys are preferred over the girls. :p

However, our worries were uncalled for as most of the ladyboys were generally friendly to us, with some even trying to strike a decent conversation with us. For the guys, it was certainly a crazy albeit very uncomfortable night … being coerced to receive a kiss or two, getting their heads pushed between the silicon boobs, having the ladyboys sit on their laps and humped them, and may I add, cowgirl style!  Absolute madness. For the girls, it was a skin fest for our eyes to feast on. Of all my clubbing experience, my night at Romeo was definitely eye-opening … lots of frenching, humping, heavy petting and peek-a-boo. For the most part of the night, we were left dumbfounded by just how crazy the whole scene was. Didn’t take pics in either clubs as we were afraid that it might be too disrespectful but here are some pics that we took before we club-hopped.

The Birthday Boys – Jingwei & Victor

The best colleagues that I could ever asked for!


3 responses to “. a WILD night in orchard towers .

  1. I’m relocating to Singapore from London and couldn’t understand why my australian colleague was telling me to avoid Orchard, now it’s all evident!

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