. let’s go horse riding .

To quote Val & Tay,Dreams – are what we live for. Dreams are part of one’s life. And instead of working your life around your dream, Live your dream.”

During my last date with Nicole, we talked about fulfilling our dreams … And, 1 of our (many) childhood dreams is to embark on a horse riding adventure and no, I’m not referring to the guided horse riding that MK and I went for in Bintan earlier this year. With that dream in mind and us raring to go, we finally headed to Amigos Horse Riding (located within Tanjong Puteri Golf Resort in JB, Malaysia) where we hope to experience a taste of the adrenaline rush that comes with horse riding.

The stables @ Amigos

Under the guidance of our friendly Iranian instructor (who is also the owner of the riding lodge), Mos, we managed to grasp the basic riding skills, e.g. sitting trot, rising trot and steering. Funny how the media likes to portray horse riding as a piece of cake … Think of images of a couple riding gracefully into the sunset. Alas, in reality, it wasn’t the case … I ended up with extremely painful and sore calves and butt muscles and for the following days, I walked like a duck! Just imagine, how strenuous and tiring it was to continuously sit and stand while we were riding on the horse (rising trot).  As with most new riders, it was a challenge for me to keep up with the “stand/sit” rhythm and thus, I made the common mistake of rising way too high out of the saddle and sitting too long on the saddle. I was an awkward sight, to say the least! To quote Nicole, “Horse riding makes you work on muscles that you never thought you had!”. Very true, indeed.

The 3 hours of horse riding classes equipped us with the necessary basic skills and instilled a new-found sense of confidence that prepared us for the hour-long jungle trail. Together with Mos, Nicole.F and her gf, we rode into the jungle that brought us through an oil palm plantation, meadows and a beach where we were greeted with a panoramic view of Pulau Ubin. Much to our delight, the horses are very well-trained and gentle, hence making my first free riding experience easier than expected. To finally be able to ride and trot amidst the lush greenery and coastal shore  … it was sheer exhilaration!

My horse, Jacky and me

To our surprise, 1 of Mos’s dog actually accompanied us throughout the entire jungle trail as he followed Mos to the tee … running alongside with the horses, jumping through the tall grass and sniffing at every fruit that he came across. The first thought that came to my mind was that I’d like to name him, “Hachiko“, after the world’s most faithful dog.


The cute black puppy that made the both of us coo at first sight!

In conclusion, Mos’s warm hospitality and personalized service certainly made us felt like we were learning horse riding from the comfort of our homes. In fact, the chillax atmosphere at Amigos provided us with the flexibility and freedom to not only learn horse riding at our own pace, but also to interact with the horses (e.g shower the horses after each ride, pat the horses @ the stable) … something which we will never ever get to do in Singapore. That, to me, was certainly one of the highlights of the trip. Moreover, we were also lucky to have met and interacted with other riding enthusiasts like Nicole.F and WY who would travel across the causeway every weekend to ride the horses. Such is the passion that they have towards horse riding, that the distance doesn’t matter anymore.

For those who are keen to seek for a leisure horse riding vacation, please check out more info at  Amigos Horse Riding. 🙂


6 responses to “. let’s go horse riding .

  1. i wanna try!! so which package did u choose for this horse riding session? 🙂

    • i chose the 2 days 1 night package. $250 on a wkend, inclusive of accommodation, all meals, 3 hrs of classes + 1 hr of jungle trail. Im considering going there for the basic 8 sessions too, but time is a factor. if u and ur friends are interested, let me know cz i might follow u guys too! 🙂

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  3. how was the accomodation? is it comfortable?

    • hi there 🙂

      we stayed in the adjoining golf resort. very comfortable, big beds and great facilities (for the $ we paid). 🙂 plus, we received very personalized service throughout our entire stay so it’s definitely worth it.

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