. Pledge A Walk .

“We have a dream, a great big dream that our furkids are able to go for long satisfying walks and come back so exhausted they go straight for their water bowls and then flop down on their belly for a snooze.”

– Gentle Paws Shelter –

Unfortunately, due to a lack of manpower, Gentle Paws Shelter is not able to provide regular walks for their 40+ dogs. As such, the shelter decided to introduce a new initiative called the “Pledge A Walk (PAW) Programme”, that hopes to attract committed volunteers to pledge a regular walk for at least a particular dog. As quoted, “You don’t need to be rich or have cash to spare in order to lend us a helping hand.” It’s their dream for their dogs to be able to see and sniff the rest of the world by going for a good long walk instead of being cooped up within the confines of a shelter. Will you help them to fulfill this dream? For those who are interested, pls email Gentle Paws Shelter at farmwaylove@gmail.com.

For more info, pls visit Gentle Paws & Friends !  🙂
* all pics credit to gentle paws & friends.


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