. all about being random .

The crazy boys who made me smile with glee at work, when they tried to mimic Archie and me!

The original. We do it the Best!

What happens when we desperately needed something at work to perk us up? Time to return to those good old school days when we used to seek simple pleasures in growing beans of all sorts – bean sprouts, red beans, green beans, u name it! So, the aspiring gardener spirit in the 6 of us got us interested in growing these “magical beans” as they are called. Green Fingers, work your magic!

* all pics credit to Serene and her always handy iphone!


4 responses to “. all about being random .

  1. I dreamt that you were pregnant, and playing badminton alone. and you wanted me to accompany you to cut your hair short. LOL. talk about weird.

    • haha. that’s sooo weird. and u blog more often than i do. oh well, i have an excuse. :p im busy with 3 boys – MK, Archie and Frosty. and u know what? I want 1 more, but dad and granny would prob kill me first, lol.

  2. awww i remembered the beans! so fun!

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