. HortPark .

Snapshots from the gardening hub

With the World Cup mania taking over Singapore, it thus doesn’t come as a surprise that most people are either staying in the comfort of their homes or hanging out at pubs and bars with buddies to catch the latest action on the soccer fever. ME? Well, I’m no exception. I certainly look forward to late nights with MK and friends as we eat, drink, make merry and either join hands or take sides to support the various teams. As such, I foresee a month when heading out to the great outdoors become a thing of yesteryear as we, now, get ourselves glued to the TV screen. Anyhow, here are some pics from our virgin excursion to the gardening landscape hub, HortPark.


2 responses to “. HortPark .

  1. You’re always so good at finding all these places to go and here I am thinking tt Singapore is dead boring! hehe

    • Hi there 🙂

      Thanks so much for your comment! Well, I used to think that Singapore was boring too but it wasn’t till I picked up a free tourist booklet when I realised that there are so many sites that I have yet to visit! lol. when are you having your next outing? wanna meet up! 🙂

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