. snippets of May .

Okay, May has been a rather slow month… unfortunately, nothing too exciting. Dates with friends and colleagues. Graduation photo shoot with family, albeit a year later. Cousin’s Carnival-themed wedding at Marina Bay Sands. Visited our sponsor dog, Mario at Gentle Paws Shelter but found myself falling in love with another shelter dog, Donna instead.  Feel fitter – Started “Cardio-Mix” classes. Sent 3 postcards and received 2 postcards from Germany and Finland through Postcrossing. Toyed with the idea of treating myself to a Balenciaga bag but eventually decided to save the money instead. A visit to HortPark, where the both of us perspired profusely under the scorching hot sun.

. Postcrossing .

Postcards Traveling The World
” Send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere else in the world”

I was first introduced to Postcrossing about a month back and since then, I’m hooked to it! I’ve since received 2 postcards from random strangers across the world – Germany and Finland! And… I love it! After all, who doesn’t enjoy the surprise and thrill of receiving old-school mail ( not emails/e-greeting cards) and getting some love from random people from all over the world?  🙂

* pics found via Google Search


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