. j’aime mes amis .

Gosh, it has been awhile since I last did a proper blog entry. Frankly, there’s so much that I would like to share with everyone – my excursions to Kranji War Memorial & Japanese Cemetery Park, as well as my virgin trip to Beijing. However, things have been getting busier and more stressful at work and it has definitely taken a toll on me … both physically and mentally. Honestly, I feel and look like I’ve aged tremendously since I was tasked to work on this new project. A look at the reflection in the mirror confirmed my assumption – unkempt look. eyebags, dark circles and poor complexion. The last thing that I want to do upon reaching home is to face the laptop and blog, especially after facing one for 9-10hrs at work. Now, I’m starting to understand why it’s often said that working adults have a shrinking circle of friends! As much as I’m trying my best to prevent myself from falling into that trap, I, however, can’t deny that there were occasional nights when I just felt like heading straight home to spend some “ME TIME” (Archie, being the only exception) as a form of relaxation. Thankfully, April left me with some time to get in touch with old friends and catch up. Work by day, friends by night.

Clarissa and I got to know each other through last year’s Audi Fashion Festival ( speaking of which, I wanted to volunteer so badly for AFF 2010 but it was quite a challenge trying to find time off for it) and frankly to speak, we barely kept in contact ever since then. It was through some random yet magical (isn’t it always the case?) incident that we happened to cross paths again and got re-acquainted. Boy, what can I say? I love this girl. We ‘clicked’ almost immediately and thankfully, there weren’t any instances of awkward silence (something which I still can’t get used to). Can 2 people be more alike than us? Seriously, I had the shock of my life when I realised that we share very similar views about a variety of issues and topics. In a way, it almost felt as if I was looking into the mirror at my own reflection, only difference being our age gap. Darn, must I be reminded that I’m no longer in my teens?!

For once in my life, I’m in utter awe of the passion and zest that a younger friend has towards life & Arts – in particular, Fashion Design & Dance! This girl here works like 18hrs a day or perhaps even more, so it really puts me to shame that I’m actually complaining about how drained and exhausted I am at the end of a working day. But the difference here is that work signifies joy and pride and boy, does she loves what she’s doing. Love you, babe. Promise that we’ll meet up with Jax & Mel very soon. 🙂

Reunion date with the very gorgeous Jessica, whom I haven’t met in freakin’ 7 years!

Courtesy of Nicky. I miss the strong breeze blowing through my hair, the adrenaline rush, the freedom … the feeling of riding a bike (though not the rider) is unlike anything else out there. If only I could … …


4 responses to “. j’aime mes amis .

  1. OH MIND! Steph, you really can pose with anything and everything! I didn’t know one can look so wao on a bike! 😛

    Been noticing afew blogs with some captions before they start the paragraph. Is that a new software everyone’s using? I’m lagging in that. hahaha!

    Keep on posting! Waiting for your BJ’s trip! 😀

    • hi dear! 🙂

      Haha, the bike is pretty huge and heavy! I had to stand on tip-toes when I’m on the bike cz im too short. Cant imagine if it were a harley, my feet would probably not reach the ground at all!

      oh yes, try polyvore for the fonts! 🙂

      I need energy… pls pass me some of yours lol.

      • HAHAHHA,don’t worry! the photo is good! It’s gna be even more WAO if it’s harley!

        Uhh, polyvore! I played before with the choosing of clothes and accessories. LOL

        *pass some energy over*
        got it!? 😛

    • haha, no.. im still tired and lethargic!

      yes, i think almost everyone has used polyvore for fashion and accessorizing at least once but i have yet to jump on that bandwagon. might try it someday.

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