. wkend #2: amazing maritime race 2010 .

On your mark. Get set. GO!

Having enjoyed Luv-a-thon tremendously, I was raring to embark on another adventurous race around Sg. Hence, I was ecstatic when I first heard about the Amazing Maritime Race that promises to be “a race with a difference” as it hopes to create more awareness about the maritime industry. Unlike Luv-a-thon when we had to participate as a couple, this maritime race, however, requires all participants to form a team of 4. The first couple that came to my mind was the ever enthusiastic Soy & her bf and thankfully, they agreed to jump on board without any hesitation! With that, we embarked on the 4 hours long race that saw us racing from Vivocity to Chinatown, Raffles Place, Marina South and even, all the way to Clementi!

In line with the Maritime theme, the race took us to the various key stops that are either crucial to the thriving maritime industry or had once played a vital role in the maritime heritage, e.g. Clifford Pier, PSA building, Keppel Bay and Marina South Pier, amongst many others. As part of the race, we had to complete a series of questions that were , obviously, related to the maritime industry. If you were to ask, I would say that this race has certainly provided a good platform for people to learn more about the maritime sector as we kinda equipped ourselves with some facts during our quest to solve the clues.

With nearly 900 participants, it was inevitable not to bump into fellow racers at a pitstop at any given time. Without a doubt, I’m sure that we ( the participants) have caught the attention of many passers-by who were probably intrigued by this sudden influx of racers. May I also comment on how hilarious it was to see at least 1 team member of each team using their Iphone/Blackberry/HTC/handphones to search for directions and answers ( Admittedly, we were guilty of this too. The wonders of modern technology.) ? I even spotted a guy carrying his netbook around! Omg, seriously hardcore. So, was it a tough challenge? Yes, as much as I enjoyed the challenge, I have to admit that it was pretty exhausting to not only navigate our way around the various pitstops but also, rack our brains to find the answers to the vague clues given to us. The heat radiated from the freaking scorching sun sure didn’t make things better for us. Nonetheless, the complaints about the heat aside, it was a fantastic Sunday morning well-spent … what can be better than joining so many hundreds of people in this mass treasure hunt?


4 responses to “. wkend #2: amazing maritime race 2010 .

  1. hi,

    chanced upon ur blog and i like reading it! very inspiring!
    not sure if this is the right channel to ask u some stuff but hope u could reply back..

    where and how did u find sources on voluntary for children?
    and are u working in a maritime industry?
    thks so much!

    • Hi there babe,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, certainly made my day! 🙂

      By the way, you can try the e-match on the NVPC website (http://www.nvpc.org.sg/pgm/eMatch/NVPC_F_eMatch_Default.aspx) which will match volunteers to their preferred interest/cause. I’m volunteering on an ad-hoc basis with Ang Mo Kio FSC as it’s nearer for me and weekly with RDA. If you happen to be interested in either/both, do let me know! 🙂 It’s nice to know that you are looking around for volunteer opportunities.

      Nope, not in the maritime industry. How abt you,babe?

  2. i see.. thks so much for the info!!! i will look into the site u gave me and if i need any more help, i’ll come ask u! haha..

    me neither.. thought u were in for this event so presume u were from the maritime industry.. quite interested in that area..

    anyway, thks so much for the given info!!!!

    • u’re welcome, babe! 🙂

      no problem, feel free to ask me regarding volunteer opportunities.

      unfortunately, i dont have any friends in the maritime industry though i have a gf who’s currently in the shipping industry. tough industry but it’s lucrative.

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