. Batam for the weekend .

Just returned from a short weekend getaway at Tempat Senang, Batam. It has been close to a year since we visited this hidden oasis ( refer to the detailed post on our first visit  here ) and true indeed, it still lives up to its reputation of being a great haven for absolute bliss and relaxation. The ideal retreat for couples seeking for love and romance, there’s simply nowhere else in Batam that could match up to the rustic yet intimate ambiance at Tempat Senang. Get ready to wash all your troubles away as you get fully pampered by the 3 hrs long SPA treatments, partially al-fresco style – Scrub, Facial, Massage. Here are some of our recommendations: 1) Facial – Try the delicious Honey Oatmeal Yogurt Mask, 2) Massage – soothing Balinese & Chinese Bamboo massages.

Unfortunately, there was a mis-communication and in the end, we didn’t get to stay in the much acclaimed Tree House room that we have been anticipating since the start. I would certainly be lying if I say that our experience wasn’t dampen by this hiccup. Nevertheless, Jasmine performed an excellent service recovery and we ended up not only checking out late but also received discounts & an extra hour of massage on the house! Is this what we call “a blessing in disguise” ?  🙂

Till our next return trip, a year from now.

Look of “Constipation” for our first attempt. Failed.

Here are some of my favourite “flying” poses, after many jumping attempts.

And, to conclude it with our “Love at Batam” picture. 2010. 1st, Bintan. 2nd, Batam. 3rd, ???


8 responses to “. Batam for the weekend .

  1. nice post v nice outing v bf..
    how much u spend for the weekend for both?
    thinking to go as well 🙂

    • thanks! 🙂 visit http://www.tempatsenang.com/ for more information. it’s not that cheap but i think it’s worth the money. very romantic! 🙂

      wkend – $469 for a couple ( +$50 if you want the Bali/Thai/Tree House rooms). Includes 3hrs spa package, accommodation, breakfast, pick-up and taxes. I highly recommend the Thai room- it’s huge and you get to pamper your feet with your very own fish spa too!

      There’s also a “last min” deal promotion – make a last min wkend reservation with them anytime after 3pm on Friday to Sat 12noon and get the package for only $199/pax. However, there’s a high chance that the popular rooms will be booked by then.

  2. wow … so sweet 🙂

  3. Always amazed and love your cheezy shots with your bf! You’re damn good with it. hurhur..

    • haha, we are terrible at romantic poses (CMI couple. think we would end up looking lame and super un-natural) and thus, have to settle for cheesy and crazy poses lol.

      Haha! what abt you and your bf, dear? 🙂

  4. my bf doesnt like to take photos! that explains the limitations of photos we’ve! I tired to ask him to do, (yea he will do) but it’s far CMI from yours lo!

    come come, teach me! hahahha xP

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