. let’s head to the countryside #2 .

Stop #2: Abandoned Neo Tiew Village

We were on the shuttle bus heading towards Hay Dairies when a glimpse of an abandoned HDB compound caught our immediate attention. It was certainly not part of our plans to visit this long forgotten place as we were in a rush to visit both Hay Dairies and Bollywood Veggies before dusk. However, the urge to explore this deserted area was just too irresistible. After all, when will we  return to Kranji Countryside again? Probably not in the near future. Hence, we took a risk, made a detour and entered a compound where trespassers were not allowed ( a 1st for me).

Turned out, this HDB lookalike place was never a HDB. Instead, the place was modeled to look like a HDB compound as it was used as a military tactic training ground for all army personnel. Most probably to train the army to protect residents if we were ever under terrorist attacks. Just so you know, the HDB-Military ground comes with a few blocks of flats, playground, garbage collection centre, carpark lots and even, stone seats & table at the “void deck”.

There’s just something about abandoned and ruined buildings that continue to fascinate me. The mysterious and eerie aura. Abandoned buildings, forgotten memories. Places where once, were filled with so much life and noise.
Now, all that remains is nothing but an empty shell. Call me weird, but I’ve always been fascinated by long forgotten, abandoned places and cemeteries/graveyards.

* Warning: Get ready for an overload of visuals. visuals porn.

A scary moment. A trio of stray dogs appeared out of nowhere and came charging towards us. Now, as much as I like dogs, I’m however a little apprehensive when it comes to wild dogs. On that note, I have to admit that they are harmless as long as we do not try to provoke them.


8 responses to “. let’s head to the countryside #2 .

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  2. Heh, this is Sarah here, looking at your posts and I see you’re having fun adventures too!

    That’s cool, I’ve seen the abandoned buildings and stuff in the area and it’s totally good you’re going with your boyfriend since it can be creepy or dangerous!

    They make such gorgeous photos though like the ones you have here.

    Meanwhile, hahah I didn’t know there are readers who DO like my weekly adventure series, so yay!

  3. wao wao wao! you’re really good at such places!
    your photos have a common effect but I dont know what’re they! what is it called?

    • hey dear! 🙂

      haha, most of them are cross-processed so that they have the slightly more “vintage/oldish” look. if u have a lomo camera, the effect should be quite natural. if not (like me!), use photoscape… try cinema, crossprocess and agfa effects. 🙂

      • Hurr, so my guess was right! I suspect you use photoscape. Having read your blogs for long, your collage and all are from photoscape!

        You’re so 勤劳 to edit each and every of the photos into the effects! *THUMBS UP!*
        I can’t man, i just upload and post.

        i’m just plain 懒惰! heheheh

    • Haha. Yes, Im an avid fan of photoscape! 🙂 fun to play around with the effects. Moreover, it resizes the pic so the uploading to the blog is ALOT faster. And, it doesn’t use up as much space too. :p i like!

  4. heh! I only used it for resizing! the mass resize is BAGUS! hurhurr!

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