. snippets of March .

March started out on a low note for me as I found myself facing a (sorta) quarter-life identity crisis. It’s not to say that life wasn’t smooth-sailing; it was. But, I found myself wanting more out of this journey called ‘Life’. Reality was thrown to me in the face. Just like many of my peers, I’m currently taking this well-trodden and very practical path of finding a practical job to earn enough money to sustain a comfortable lifestyle. A typical and average person. And that, is a fear of mine. The fear of being yet another mediocre person who just blindly follows the crowd & the norms in society.

Taking a quick glance around me, I suddenly realized that there are, indeed, many people out there who measure success in life in terms of wealth/fortune, fame, materialistic gains and career status (yes, the corporate ladder). There were many times when I feel compelled to conform to societal and peer pressure, though I know that, deep down somewhere, those are not exactly my terms of living life to the fullest. Of course, I’m only human and am thus subjected to many temptations of all forms ( I still love to be able to afford a Chanel 2.55 and a Mini Cooper someday soon! Did I also mention that I wish to have a jacuzzi in my very own backyard? haha.). However, more importantly, I hope to be able to clear my head, try figure out the directions I want in life and truly live life with much passion and zest again. Oh yes, and also to learn not to compare with others but instead, be fully contented with all that I’ve been blessed with so far. Comparison is such a bitch.

Many conversations with inspiring people later, I decided that I have to stop wasting time mulling over my life and pull myself out of this rut. It has to stop. Time’s seriously too precious to be wasted on all these complaining and negative vibes. As the saying goes, When life throws you lemon, make lemonade. To live life. I foresee that April’s gonna be a fantastic month.

* My appreciation to Sara, Soy, Koey, Clarissa, Tay & Val, Emily, Nicole for your words of wisdom and encouragement! 



Picnic at the Park with lovely bloggers. A race to the finish line at Luv-A-Thon 2010. Volunteered for a family day event for families with lower income. Started my long-term volunteer stint with ‘Riding for the Disabled Association’. A trip to Kranji Countryside where we tasted fresh goat’s milk, visited a picturesque organic farm & got inspired to spend our post-retirement days in a peaceful farm and stumbled upon an abandoned military training ground.


3 responses to “. snippets of March .

  1. i love you babe!! =)

  2. Stephanie

    Keep up the musings and your search for the meaningful life – it is the hallmark of a person who doesn’t settle for the mediocre.

    To rephrase Socrates in the positive –
    “An examined life is worth living” 🙂


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