. luv-a-thon 2010 .

Being a winner once was certainly not enough for us. Returning for the 3rd consecutive year, Luv-A-Thon 2010 promises to be bigger and more challenging than ever – “The Ultimate Couple Challenge“.  As last year’s winner ( refer to Luv-a-Thon 2009 for last year’s recap of the race), we participated in this year’s installation not only hoping to retain our title but also to quench our thirst for some adrenaline-pumping moments.  As the main sponsor to this race, the Singapore Flyer was the main venue where most of the games were held at.

Anticipation ran high as everyone made a mad dash to the various stations to complete the series of tasks. The tasks range from ‘Gobbling up a sandwich’ to ‘Street Bingo’ to ‘Figuring a crossword puzzle’.  Compared to last year’s race, I’ve to admit that this year’s challenges were definitely trickier and all the running from the Flyer to One Fullerton and then over to the Art House certainly took a toll on me, physically. A definite sign that I’m aging and lacking in stamina.  😦


Lucky number 13, perhaps?

To prep all the participants up for the race, the facilitators requested for 1 partner of each team to create an original tattoo that symbolizes the love affair of the couple. Take a look at the tattoo below and you’ll know immediately that this piece of artwork was certainly not done by yours truly. This session just made me concluded that I’m the better artist of the 2 of us! :p  Anyhow, MK painted this tattoo as it reminded him of the NYC stint that I surprised him with during our visit to the Big Apple. Refer to this post. Here’s a grade D for the artwork but A for the idea behind it!

The view ( pics have been cross-processed ) from up & above … in our capsule on the Singapore Flyer. This reminded me of the episode when we had to spend a nerve-wrecking 30mins in the capsule with another competing couple. Let me tell you, it was pretty intense. Both teams knew that it was the final leg of the race and that it would eventually boil down to either team out-running the other to get to the finish line. A foot race was inevitable. Alas, that was nothing much that we could do except to wait for the ride to end and so, for the 30mins … we were trapped in a glass container, waiting for the right moment to sprint to the finish line.

We are the Winners … NOT. Unfortunately, we overlooked the final clue and dashed straight to the finish line, only to be told that we need to head back to the last station to collect the station master’s signature.  OMFG. We were totally stunned, speechless beyond words. Nevertheless, we gave it our best shot and won 4th placing. Prizes include a book voucher and Sarah Jessica Parker’s new perfume set, Lovely. For the first 3 teams, great job done! 🙂 And to MK dear, thank you for always being so sporting and enthusiastic! I know it’s tough to live with a demanding person like me but you’re doing fabulously great! I love you.

We’ll be back for Luv-A-Thon 2011! Spread the Love!

Our grossly old & beaten shoes. But, they’re also the reason why we were able to complete the race with ease. The shoes that have seen us through quite a fair bit of adventure. Join the feet love here !


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  1. Lovely couple…great challenge

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