. An evening at the Singapore Art Museum .

Headed over to the Singapore Art Museum on a Friday evening (FYI: It’s free entry for all, from 6-9pm on Fridays) to check out some of their Art exhibitions as I wanted  to have a moment of solitude. Simply, just some “ME” time to reflect on my life and regroup from the week’s frenzy. Walking through the various art galleries brought back vivid memories of my Primary school ECA ( Yes,it was called ECA back in my days! I’m old.). Make a guess! Haha. I picked up “Chinese Painting” as a hobby and as uncool as it might sounds, I ,however, loved my painting sessions. I remember going for classes, in full anticipation of using the different brush painting techniques to create various scenarios out of just brush strokes. The bamboo is actually my favourite painting subject. Bamboo – A symbol of old age and modesty. If time permits, I might just reignite the flame that I once had for Chinese Painting by taking up classes at the SCC.

Black & White


Nothing beats ending the work week (yay!) than running into the arms of my boyfriend and having dinner together. May we have more nights like this please?


2 responses to “. An evening at the Singapore Art Museum .

  1. Ho! Free entrance WHEEE. I saw it on their website too!

    Are there interesting stuff to check out at the museum? The museum looks empty in your photos!

    • Haha. They do have a lot of exhibitions & displays, however, I only visited 3-4 exhibitions due to the lack of time. No harm visiting it on a Friday evening since it’s free anyway. 🙂

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